Monday, March 17, 2008

Weather Channel Founder: Sue Al Gore for Fraud


Here's one that was never reported anywhere really, except FOX News. This fact proves the story's level of devastation. Heidi Cullen, alarm-o-scientist extraordinaire at The Weather Channel, gets more attention than this guy? John Coleman, first weatherman of ABC's Good Morning America, created The Weather Channel! Should we give him a little attention or credence? Or should we follow Cullen's advice and pull his accreditation for daring to question AGW? Coleman recently called manmade global warming the "greatest scam in history."

He's being ignored because they want his level-headedness to go away. Remember? No debate allowed! Especially in a highly visible forum like a court case that the media will be FORCED to cover.

We can't start swaying the hypnotized believers now...we've got 50% of the public convinced that AGW is real so far! The grant money is coming in for additional research; people are buying stupid, mercury-tainted light bulbs; the U.N. keeps exclaiming doom each year (even though the temperatures have gone down); and people are close to accepting more government control worldwide to solve "the manmade problem."

Is Al Gore committing fraud with his carbon credit company (where he buys credits from himself to offset his own gluttonous energy use)? The answer there is a big ol' YES! Let's not forget the fraud of his film, his Nobel Prize fraud, and the Oscar fraud (which really isn't fraud considering from where that came). Remember, solutions to global warming WILL NOT HURT RICH ELITES like Al Gore; the poor and middle classes of the world will bear the price and tax burden to solve this nonexistent problem. We're already seeing it with the price of food.

Read more of Coleman's great work here, and in his excellent white paper entitled, "Comments on Global Warming." And keep in mind, Dr. Cullen hangs out with the likes of Al Gore, Dr. Hansen
at NASA, and other members of the alarmist political hierarchy; she's the one who stated that any meteorologist not believing in global warming should lose their official recognition by the AMS. How's that for trying to silence those who want to DEBATE you??!! She's also the one claiming that global warming isn't political at all. Don't be duped by the little bug-eyed, toothy weather cutie at The Weather Channel. - Weather Channel Founder: Sue Al Gore for Fraud - Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News:

The founder of the Weather Channel wants to sue Al Gore for fraud, hoping a legal debate will settle the global-warming debate once and for all.

John Coleman, who founded the cable network in 1982, suggests suing for fraud proponents of global warming, including Al Gore, and companies that sell carbon credits.

"Is he committing financial fraud? That is the question," Coleman said.

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