Monday, March 17, 2008

EPA: stop breathing! It's a pollutant?

Deep-BreathThe government (i.e., we the people...) may soon need more revenue (i.e., our taxes) to clean up our breath, since the very fact that we breath is heating up the Earth to the point of killing us all, LOL. - Junk Science: Breath Is Toxic Waste? - Opinion:

The federal government soon may declare your very breath to be toxic regardless of its minty freshness.

Consistent with last spring’s Supreme Court ruling that the Environmental Protection Agency may regulate carbon dioxide as a hazardous air pollutant, the agency is evaluating how CO2 could be regulated as a hazardous substance under its notorious Superfund program, according to Carbon Control News from March 4.

So at the risk of exhaling and being held retroactively liable (more on that later), let’s take a deep breath and consider the potential impact of likening CO2 to the substances of concern at Love Canal, Times Beach and the thousands of other former and current Superfund waste sites and dumps across the nation.

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