Tuesday, March 31, 2009

NYT Covers Denying Princeton Scientist

Finally, a liberal, Obama-loving scientist who is standing up for REAL science! He’s speaking truth, and he’s made Dr. Hansen mad (so good on him). Maybe we’re finally starting to see a turn; this is when the liberal NYT actually gives a prestigious denying scientist a significant article to state some of the things most of us have been saying all along. I’ve highlighted some key paragraphs below, but I highly recommend that you follow the link and read the WHOLE article.

The Civil Heretic

But in the considered opinion of the neurologist Oliver Sacks, Dyson’s friend and fellow English expatriate, this is far from the case. “His mind is still so open and flexible,” Sacks says. Which makes Dyson something far more formidable than just the latest peevish right-wing climate-change denier. Dyson is a scientist whose intelligence is revered by other scientists — William Press, former deputy director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory and now a professor of computer science at the University of Texas, calls him “infinitely smart.


Dyson seems to see the world as an interdisciplinary set of problems out there for him to evaluate. Climate change is the big scientific issue of our time, so naturally he finds it irresistible. But to Dyson this is really only one more charged conundrum attracting his interest just as nuclear weapons and rural poverty have. That is to say, he is a great problem-solver who is not convinced that climate change is a great problem.

Dyson is well aware that “most consider me wrong about global warming.” That educated Americans tend to agree with the conclusion about global warming reached earlier this month at the International Scientific Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen (“inaction is inexcusable”) only increases Dyson’s resistance. Dyson may be an Obama-loving, Bush-loathing liberal who has spent his life opposing American wars and fighting for the protection of natural resources, but he brooks no ideology and has a withering aversion to scientific consensus. The Nobel physics laureate Steven Weinberg admires Dyson’s physics — he says he thinks the Nobel committee fleeced him by not awarding his work on quantum electrodynamics with the prize — but Weinberg parts ways with his sensibility: “I have the sense that when consensus is forming like ice hardening on a lake, Dyson will do his best to chip at the ice.”


Climate models, he says, take into account atmospheric motion and water levels but have no feeling for the chemistry and biology of sky, soil and trees. “The biologists have essentially been pushed aside,” he continues. “Al Gore’s just an opportunist. The person who is really responsible for this overestimate of global warming is Jim Hansen. He consistently exaggerates all the dangers.”


Dyson says it’s only principle that leads him to question global warming: “According to the global-warming people, I say what I say because I’m paid by the oil industry. Of course I’m not, but that’s part of their rhetoric. If you doubt it, you’re a bad person, a tool of the oil or coal industry.” Global warming, he added, “has become a party line.”

'Disappearing' Ice Actually Getting Thicker

More ice melting dumbness. Most of the mainstream media (except London’s Telegraph) will not report on this story. I should say that they may report on it in a sense to still highlight “global warming” as a reality, but they’ll omit the part about the US Army buoys and the antithetical data that shows there’s no real problem with thinning ice. Doesn’t fit the Green template.

Why? We’ve been over that so many times. Global warming—like the U.S. automakers or the banks—is TOO BIG to fail.

The 'Global Warming Three' are on thin ice

The only problem with a project to prove that Arctic ice is disappearing is the fact that it is actually getting thicker, says Christopher Booker.

What a wonderful parable of our time has been the expedition to the North Pole led by the explorer Pen Hadow. With two companions, he is measuring the thickness of the ice to show how fast it is “declining”. His expedition is one of a series of events designed to “raise awareness of the dangers of climate change” before December’s conference in Copenhagen, where the warmists hope to get a new treaty imposing much more drastic cuts on CO2 emissions.


The idea is that the expedition should take regular radar fixes on the ice thickness, to be fed into a computer model in California run by Professor Wieslaw Maslowski, whose team, according to the BBC, “is well known for producing results that show much faster ice-loss than other modelling teams”. The professor predicts that summer ice could be completely gone as early as next year. It took the Watts Up With That? science blog to point out that there is little point in measuring ice thickness unless you do it several years running, and that, anyway, Arctic ice is being constantly monitored by US Army buoys. The latest reading given by a typical sensor shows that since last March the ice has thickened by “at least half a metre”.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dust is Warming Atlantic, Not CO2

Here you go, warmaholics. And yes…I found the global warming ‘disclaimer’ statement in the article (see highlighted last sentence), since LiveScience is obviously part of the establishment still trying to prop up this dumbass theory.

The last highlighted sentence below does let slip one little thing, while still trying hold on to the AGW pipedream: Climate systems are complex, and current models (that show us boiling ourselves due to capitalism) don’t and CANNOT take into account EVERY variable needed to accurately predict future climate. If dust storms were a missing variable, how many more missing variables are there? In other words, we’re not smart enough yet to predict 100 years out. We can’t even predict the weather five days out accurately!

Dust Responsible for Most of Atlantic Warming

The warming of Atlantic Ocean waters in recent decades is largely due to declines in airborne dust from African deserts and lower volcanic emissions, a new study suggests.

Since 1980, the tropical North Atlantic has been warming by an average of a half-degree Fahrenheit (a quarter-degree Celsius) per decade.

While that number may sound small, it can translate to big impacts on hurricanes, which are fueled by warm surface waters, said study team member Amato Evan of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For example, the ocean temperature difference between 1994, a quiet hurricane year, and 2005's record-breaking year of storms (including Hurricane Katrina), was just 1 degree Fahrenheit.

Evan and his colleagues had previously shown that African dust and other airborne particles can suppress hurricane activity by reducing how much sunlight reaches the ocean and keeping the sea surface cool. Dusty years predict mild hurricane seasons, while years with low dust activity — including 2004 and 2005 — have been linked to stronger and more frequent storms.


This adjustment brings the estimate of global warming's impact on the Atlantic more in line with the smaller degree of ocean warming seen elsewhere, such as the Pacific.

Of course, this doesn't discount the importance of global warming, Evan said, but indicates that newer climate models will need to include dust storms as a factor to accurately predict how ocean temperatures will change.

Media Pushes 'Earth Hour'

Remember this from last year? What a complete, total bunch of crap! Pure propaganda.

U.N.'s Participation in Earth Hour Is Full of Hot Air, Critics Say

In what it's calling a "vote for the future of planet Earth," the World Wildlife Fund wants every light in the world to go dark for one hour on Saturday as a symbolic gesture to call for action on climate change.

It's called Earth Hour — and among the places where the lights will go out are the Eiffel Tower, the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing, the Pyramids of Giza and Niagara Falls.

And, for the first time in the event's three-year existence, the New York headquarters of the United Nations will also go dark, a move officials say will save $102, a figure that fluctuated wildly from its whopping initial estimate of $81,000 when requested from U.N. officials. After the story appeared on FOXNews.com, a spokeswoman called back to say their estimate was incorrect and the savings was $24,000, but then called back a third time to say it was really $102.

Earth Hour — 8:30 to 9:30 p.m in every time zone on the planet — promises to be “the largest demonstration of public concern about climate change ever attempted," U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said earlier this month.

Friday, March 27, 2009

U.N.'s Orwellian Money and Power Grab

George H.W. Bush's "New World Order?" I don't think so. Obama and his climate minions in the U.N. will comprise the Orwellian climate framework by which we will all be controlled. The Thought Police under the thumb of Big Brother are already telling us that we can't DENY GLOBAL WARMING. To speak against it is heretical.

The lie and myth of manmade climate change provides the perfect "crisis" to take over world economy and all the nuances of your lives. Global warming requires wealth redistribution; hate to say I told you so, but...

Please wake up, Americans. Only you can stop this stupidity from succeeding.

U.N. 'Climate Change' Plan Would Likely Shift Trillions to Form New World Economy

A United Nations document on "climate change" that will be distributed to a major environmental conclave next week envisions a huge reordering of the world economy, likely involving trillions of dollars in wealth transfer, millions of job losses and gains, new taxes, industrial relocations, new tariffs and subsidies, and complicated payments for greenhouse gas abatement schemes and carbon taxes — all under the supervision of the world body.

Those and other results are blandly discussed in a discretely worded United Nations "information note" on potential consequences of the measures that industrialized countries will likely have to take to implement the Copenhagen Accord, the successor to the Kyoto Treaty, after it is negotiated and signed by December 2009. The Obama administration has said it supports the treaty process if, in the words of a U.S. State Department spokesman, it can come up with an "effective framework" for dealing with global warming.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

GASP!: 90 Seconds From Doom

Something about this fear piece sounds vaguely familiar. I think I’ve read similar things in past articles on nuclear annihilation, the Y2K computer bug, the ozone hole, and yes…global warming. The point is that the American media has been filling our hearts and minds with fear, not just for a few years but for decades and decades. Fear sells…it gets people to read and consume the news of the day.

But it’s really, really dumb. I’m not saying that solar weather isn’t potentially harmful to our electrical grid, but to imply that millions of Americans will be dead as a result is just plain stupid. Give me a break. I hate these predictions of doom, which are unrelenting…and unscientific.

Who’s behind it? NASA, of course, (Dr. Hansen’s employer) which is a division of our government trying to find new avenues to remain relevant, given the state of space travel these days.

More fear to be had in the GASP! series and warmlist.

Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe

IT IS midnight on 22 September 2012 and the skies above Manhattan are filled with a flickering curtain of colourful light. Few New Yorkers have seen the aurora this far south but their fascination is short-lived. Within a few seconds, electric bulbs dim and flicker, then become unusually bright for a fleeting moment. Then all the lights in the state go out. Within 90 seconds, the entire eastern half of the US is without power.

A year later and millions of Americans are dead and the nation's infrastructure lies in tatters. The World Bank declares America a developing nation. Europe, Scandinavia, China and Japan are also struggling to recover from the same fateful event - a violent storm, 150 million kilometres away on the surface of the sun.

It sounds ridiculous. Surely the sun couldn't create so profound a disaster on Earth. Yet an extraordinary report funded by NASA and issued by the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in January this year claims it could do just that.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

GASP!: Great Lakes Ice Declining!

Really? And this is the same 1970s where scientists were predicting a coming ice age? So how accurate was their data then, if the predicted frozen apocalypse didn’t come to pass? One must have an accurate baseline to say that the current level of ice is somehow different or declining. The last sentence I highlighted below from the article really says it all: There is no way to accurately measure ice over the Great Lakes. If that’s true today then it was certainly more so in the 1970s, given the technological differences.

Did they really just imply that the last two winters were ‘mild’? Interesting. Oh that’s right…Fox just linked to the AP article. AP…now that makes more sense (not the article but the intent of the article).

Do you need more fear about "warming" to get you through the day, warmaholic? Read the GASP! series or the warmlist to get all you want! Warming causes everything bad!

Ice Cover on Great Lakes Declining, Scientists Say

CLEVELAND — Ice cover on the Great Lakes has declined more than 30 percent since the 1970s, leaving the world's largest system of freshwater lakes open to evaporation and lower water levels, according to scientists associated with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

They're concerned about how the milder winter freeze may affect the environment. But they're also trying to come to terms with a contradiction — the same climate factors that might keep lake ice from freezing might make freezing more likely if lake levels drop due to evaporation.

Scientists at the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan, say global climate change can be at odds with regional climate patterns. Accurately measuring ice cover across a lake system that spans 94,000 square miles in the United States and Canada is no small task, they say.

EPA’s Got You Where They Want You

Here’s that slippery slope that the Supreme Court opened the door on. Look for Obama to be the leader to go stumbling over that slope, ala Chevy Chase. Here’s where government bureaucrats look to cement control over our economy and your lives for the foreseeable future—all in the name of saving your ass, because they deem you too dumb to know better.

This moron below says that this finding will “end the era of denial on global warming.” I’m sorry, but his little report or their insignificant governmental actions have no effect whatsoever on science and reality—global warming is not real, and it won’t suddenly become real because they say so and begin regulating farts and other gases.

This would be funny if it weren’t so damn serious. I hope America will wake up out there, before they take us over the edge of this slippery slope—the very thing they accuse us “deniers” of doing.

EPA Says Global Warming a Public Danger

Declaring that greenhouse gases are a significant threat to human health, the Environmental Protection Agency proposes regulating carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as pollutants.

WASHINGTON -- The White House is reviewing a proposed finding by the Environmental Protection Agency that global warming is a threat to public health and welfare.

Such a declaration would be the first step to regulating carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act and could have broad economic and environmental ramifications. It also would likely spur action by Congress to address climate change more broadly.

The White House acknowledged Monday that the EPA had transmitted its proposed finding on global warming to the Office of Management and Budget, but provided no details. It also cautioned that the Obama administration, which sees responding to climate change a top priority, nevertheless is ready to move cautiously when it comes to actually regulating greenhouse gases, preferring to have Congress act on the matter.

The Supreme Court two years ago directed the EPA to decide whether greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels, pose a threat public health and welfare because they are warming the earth. If such a finding is made, these emissions are required to be regulated under the Clean Air Act, the court said.


Such a finding "will officially end the era of denial on global warming," said Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., whose Energy and Commerce subcommittee is crafting global warming legislation. He said such an endangerment finding is long overdue because of the Bush administration's refusal to address the issue.


"It's to their interest to say the sky is falling, but it's not. ... The truth is we've never had to sacrifice air quality to maintain a healthy economy. The EPA has discretion to do this in a reasonable way."

LOL: Reduce UK Population by 50% to Fight Warming

If this isn’t beginning to convince the thinkers among you that we’ve all been fed a giant lie then I don’t know what will convince you. Another in the long line of ridiculous "solutions." Slow the economy and tax wealth. Cut the population. These all sound like the slogans of the proletariat in preparation to slaughter the bourgeoisie; it could be China, it could be Soviet Russia. That’s because this is socialism versus capitalism at its very heart—it’s merely disguised as environmentalism to save the planet.

UK population must fall to 30m, says Porritt

JONATHON PORRITT, one of Gordon Brown’s leading green advisers, is to warn that Britain must drastically reduce its population if it is to build a sustainable society.

Porritt’s call will come at this week’s annual conference of the Optimum Population Trust (OPT), of which he is patron.

The trust will release research suggesting UK population must be cut to 30m if the country wants to feed itself sustainably.

Porritt said: “Population growth, plus economic growth, is putting the world under terrible pressure.


Rapley, who formerly ran the British Antarctic Survey, said humanity was emitting the equivalent of 50 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

GASP!: Melting, Collapsing Ice, I Say!!!

The oft-appearing melting-collapsing ice fear tactic. According to the alarmist researchers (who were recently stranded from all the cold at the North Pole), this prediction will come to pass in 100 or more years, far after your death, as a result of what you’re doing right now: being a capitalist. You won’t be around to say whether they were right or not, and neither will they.

Remember, even partially submerged ice displaces water (Archimedes’ Principle); don’t believe all the fear you read. Since we’re all making predictions, let me say that I believe that it’s LIKELY that the ice sheet WON’T collapse in your lifetime or even in hundreds of generations from now, because pontificators of future doom have been notoriously wrong in human history.

The climate varies naturally over time—it’s more like a waveform than a flat-line.

Still need to be afraid? Read the GASP! series and the warmlist to let the media whip you into a fear frenzy.

Antarctic Ice Sheet Likely to Collapse, New Data Show

WASHINGTON — New information on Antarctica's regularly melting distant past is giving scientists a glimpse into what may be a flooded future as the planet warms up.

The West Antarctic ice sheet collapsed periodically between 3 million and 5 million years ago, adding more than 16 feet to global sea level, according to the first examination of soil cores far below the surface of the Ross ice shelf.

Also, new computer models suggest that warmer waters nearby attacked the ice from below, triggering those collapses.

Both findings appear in studies published Thursday in the journal Nature.

"What we're seeing in the past would lead us to believe that we are on track for losing parts of the West Antarctic ice sheet," said Tim Naish, director of the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University in New Zealand and leader of the study that looked at dirt cores.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

U.N. Proposes Tax For 'Green New Deal'

The U.N., in all its finitely small wisdom, has stayed out of global warming news lately, but—invoking the words “New Deal” in a throwback to FDR socialism—they’re hoping to convince Americans to spend nearly a trillion dollars on something that will NOT fight climate change, which has no basis in reality whatsoever.

Developing domestic energy—including our own oil--is a good thing for only one reason: it helps break our dependence on foreign oil and weakens the wealth potential of radicals and terrorists. Want us infidels out? Fine. We won’t buy your oil or even acknowledge you exist; set up all the caliphates you want. But that could also have a boomerang effect. Weakened Arab states could become dangerous (or more dangerous), as their earning potential through oil is reduced. In essence, a break from the status quo could destabilize the world even more.

So, how do we get this $750 billion? Tax oil, of course. Oil is the left’s new ‘cigarettes.’ Whereas cigarettes were the scourge of evil and had to be taxed out of existence, oil has now become the new scourge using a manufactured crisis of nature. Who pays the tax to eliminate the scourge (a tax on the commodity to eliminate itself)? You do, my friend. Whether you fill up your car or buy a product, oil is tied to everyday life in some way. Oil is the life blood of capitalism, and capitalism is under fire from environmental psychos and socialists.

$750 billion "green" investment could revive economy: U.N.

OSLO (Reuters) - Investments of $750 billion could create a "Green New Deal" to revive the world economy and protect the environment, perhaps aided by a tax on oil, the head of the U.N. environment agency said on Thursday.

Achim Steiner said spending should focus on five environmental sectors including improved energy efficiency for buildings and solar or wind power to create jobs, curb poverty and fight climate change.

"The opportunity must not be lost," Steiner, head of the U.N. Environment Program (UNEP), told Reuters of a UNEP study that will be put to world leaders meeting in London on April 2 to work out how to spur the ailing economy.

Warming Explorers Stranded by Cold

Ah, this is so blessedly wonderful and funny to read. Another ironic twist for the morons among us.

Explorers On Global Warming Expedition Stranded in North Pole by Cold Weather

Three global warming researchers stranded in the North Pole by cold weather were holding out hope Wednesday as a fourth plane set off in an attempt deliver them supplies.

The flight took off during a break in bad weather after “brutal” conditions halted three previous attempts to reach the British explorers who said they were nearly out of food, the Agence France-Presse reported.

“We’re hungry, the cold is relentless, our sleeping bags are full of ice,” expedition leader Pen Hadow said in e-mailed statement. “Waiting is almost the worst part of an expedition as we’re in the lap of the weather gods.”

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yep, Hansen Activist, NOT SCIENTIST!

There's no denying this now; this doof has no objectivity remaining on the subject whatsoever. Scientifically, anything that issues forth from his alarmist trap should be disregarded by serious peers in climate research. Why? Because he's biased in only one direction, and therefore, tainted. His data has been shown flawed on a few occasions, and what conclusions do you think the flaws pointed towards? Yep, manmade global warming. Once shown to be flawed, he said nothing of his erroneous data which showed the Earth to be FAR COOLER than he said it was.

This guy wants open revolution to stop something that doesn’t exist; furthermore, he wants to BE A POLITICIAN!

Leading climate scientist: 'democratic process isn't working'

Protest and direct action could be the only way to tackle soaring carbon emissions, a leading climate scientist has said.

James Hansen, a climate modeller with Nasa, told the Guardian today that corporate lobbying has undermined democratic attempts to curb carbon pollution. "The democratic process doesn't quite seem to be working," he said.

Speaking on the eve of joining a protest against the headquarters of power firm E.ON in Coventry, Hansen said: "The first action that people should take is to use the democratic process. What is frustrating people, me included, is that democratic action affects elections but what we get then from political leaders is greenwash.

Monday, March 16, 2009

UW-M Scientists: Climate Variability is Natural

Unfortunately, these poor scientists and really smart people (yes, smarter than Al Gore) will be ignored or eviscerated by the national mainstream media; their theory, however correct, clever, or revolutionary, will not matter to the alarmist believers and scientists out there who need to continue the Green Fad for as long as possible. They don’t want their little cash cow to be milked dry, and they don’t want their reputations thrown under the bus (though they already are under the bus—they just haven’t realized it yet).

There is natural climate variation; there is no manmade climate change, no matter how hard they try to poof it into existence.

UW-Milwaukee Study Could Realign Climate Change Theory

MILWAUKEE -- The bitter cold and record snowfalls from two wicked winters are causing people to ask if the global climate is truly changing.

The climate is known to be variable and, in recent years, more scientific thought and research has been focused on the global temperature and how humanity might be influencing it.

However, a new study by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee could turn the climate change world upside down.

Scientists at the university used a math application known as synchronized chaos and applied it to climate data taken over the past 100 years.


"But if we don't understand what is natural, I don't think we can say much about what the humans are doing. So our interest is to understand -- first the natural variability of climate -- and then take it from there. So we were very excited when we realized a lot of changes in the past century from warmer to cooler and then back to warmer were all natural," Tsonis said.

GASP!: Warming to Cause NYC Flooding

This article takes a different tact, distancing itself from descriptions of melting polar ice, icebergs, and glaciers, where in the past these immersed icy bodies have been erroneously described as dangerous, if warming were to melt them, raise sea levels, and cause floods (see Archimedes Principle). The writer makes sure to mention only Greenland this time--"melting LAND ice."

The problem is what we saw in previous articles--Greenland's ice sheet IS NOT MELTING. Neither is the North Pole, which had been predicted to completely dissolve last summer (and DID NOT melt).

Wakey-wakey, morons. Or scare yourself more: GASP! series and Dr. Brignell's warmlist.

Warming to make N.Y. vulnerable to storms-study

NEW YORK, March 15 (Reuters) - Global warming should lift sea levels along the U.S. Northeast nearly twice as fast as global rates this century, putting New York City at risk to damage from hurricanes and winter storm surges, scientists said.

"The northeast coast of the United States is among the most vulnerable regions to future changes in sea level and ocean circulation, especially when considering its population density," said Jianjun Yin, a climate modeler at Florida State University.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hansen a Radical Activist...NOT a Scientist

I've written about this egomaniacal, erroneous-data pontificator on many occasions in the past, but Hansen keeps managing to put his dumb butt back in the spotlight over manmade climate change, even after his retarded research has been exposed as fraudulent (and no mainstream media types will call him on it).

Science should be politically neutral; it should not take social positions, because taking positions can bias one’s judgment and one’s study designs. If you’re already sold on climate change, you’re not going to accept any contrary evidence that may show up in your own or other’s research. Scientists should be like any citizen—take a political position when you go vote. Otherwise, please shut up and stop acting like most Hollywood celebrities, somehow believing that YOUR political opinion is far more valuable than anyone else’s. What a narcissist!

The last statement highlighted below shows just how retarded this guy has become; he’s actually saying that ONLY SCIENTISTS are smart enough to be politicians. Not even politicians can define the implications of their policy choices; they regularly screw stuff up, but a political amateur is going to somehow set up policies to save us all, simply because he’s a believing, alarmist scientist?

Predictably, no antithetical voice to AGW is given a single sentence of rebuttal in the article.

Plan B: scientists get radical in bid to halt global warming ‘catastrophe’

THE director of a Nasa space laboratory will this week lead thousands of climate change campaigners through Coventry in an extraordinary intervention in British politics.

James Hansen plans to use Thursday’s Climate Change Day of Action to put pressure on Gordon Brown to wake up to the threat of climate change - by halting the construction of new power stations and the expansion of airports, with schemes such as the third runway at Heathrow.

The move by a leading American researcher is the highest-profile example to date of the way climate change is politicising scientists.


Hansen, director of Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said he believed scientists, the people who knew most about climate change, now had a moral obligation to become politically active.


“The scientists can connect the dots and define the implications of different policy choices and we should make clear those implications.”

Obama Moves Towards "Bias-Free" Science?

I nearly swallowed my tongue when I read this article, but it plays on a theme seen months ago in the media. The media--and their highly favored Democrats--will accuse of others of what they do themselves, in order to throw an easily manipulated public off the scent of a rat. Eventually, the public will grow tired of blaming every ill of the current administration on the previous administration; at some point, Obama will be accountable to Americans for his actions and results, whether the media cooperates or not.

This article focuses more on embryonic stem cells (something I have no interest in debating), but by merely observing reality, it's easy to determine that some in the media and left-leaning politicians openly espouse one side of global warming "science" while attempting to silence scientific and empirical criticism of climate alarmism. Heck, Bush himself was an advocate of this nonsense. There are political and financial costs if the theory is proven wrong. Science is and always will be about debate; it's not about declaring one side incorrect simply due to a collective majority opinion—the popular sentiment of the moment (something I still question as reality--thousands of scientists say AGW is bull but get no press coverage at all).

Consensus opinions in science have proven notoriously wrong in history, and maverick thinkers—those bucking the majority--are usually those who create science that is NEARLY impregnable (with the understanding that no science is entirely incontrovertible). Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is nearly unassailable; global warming theory is NOWHERE near the quality of relativity theory (or even Marx’s evolutionary theory), and AGW involves MANY directly observable effects—empirical evidence. It's really quite sad that I even must type this for the morons out there.

Science must embrace debate; it's the only part of science that ensures continued advancement (i.e., criticisms of colleagues—REAL peer review, not cultish peer review). Labeling and name-calling the critics of scientific theories as an exercise in political correctness is absurd and will fail in the long run.

A move toward bias-free science

The 15,000 scientists and engineers who protested the manipulation, suppression, and distortion of research during the Bush administration no doubt welcomed President Obama's pledge last week to restore scientific integrity to the White House.


With earnest words and the stroke of a pen, it was goodbye to George W. Bush's "sound science," and welcome to Obama's "soundest science."


"The politicization of science is a risk across the political spectrum," said panel member Roger Pielke Jr., a professor of environmental studies at the University of Colorado. "The Bush administration had especially heavy-handed controls, but science and politics come into conflict in every administration."

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Global Cyclonic Activity Lowest in 30-years (STILL)

Okay, so can we finally put this hurricane-warming link myth to rest, even though Al Gore still openly proselytizes that stronger, more frequent hurricanes are a symptom of global warming? Heck, even Lord Obama was recently talking about stronger hurricanes as a result of manmade climate change. Will the news media come out and ask Gore (or Obama) the tough questions about his utter failure as a Nobel Prize-winning pseudo-scientist? Sure…and monkeys will fly out of my butt too.

Global and Northern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclone Activity [still] lowest in 30-years

Tropical cyclone (TC) activity worldwide has completely and utterly collapsed during the past 2 to 3 years with TC energy levels sinking to levels not seen since the late 1970s. This should not be a surprise to scientists since the natural variability in climate dominates any detectable or perceived global warming impact when it comes to measuring yearly integrated tropical cyclone activity. With the continuation (persistence) of colder Pacific tropical sea-surface temperatures associated with the effects of La Nina, the upcoming 2009 Atlantic hurricane season should be above average, as we saw in 2008. Nevertheless, since the Atlantic only makes up 10-15% of overall global TC activity each year (climatological average during the past 30 years), continued Northern Hemispheric and global TC inactivity as a whole likely will continue.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Economy's Not So Bad; Maybe True For Climate?

Seems that if the economic crisis isn’t as bad as we think after proclaiming day-after-day that we were utterly doomed (just to get a huge spending/taxation package passed), you could probably see how the mythological global warming crisis is also not as bad as we think—as in it doesn’t exist at all!

How can something be so dire one moment and just fine the next? Well, a crisis (in the immortal words of Rahm Emmanuel), whether real or manufactured, allows one to ram through distasteful legislation; it allows one to gain more government control. But if one overplays one's hand and gets unintended consequences, it's time to reverse course and announce that all is hunky-dory. This is where you believing sheep come into play; if you call the politicians on their stupidity and threaten their power, they'll change course on this global warming baloney.

Obama: Economic crisis 'not as bad as we think'

WASHINGTON (AP) - Confronting misgivings, even in his own party, President Barack Obama mounted a stout defense of his blueprint to overhaul the economy Thursday, declaring the national crisis is "not as bad as we think" and his plans will speed recovery.

Challenged to provide encouragement as the nation's "confidence builder in chief," Obama said Americans shouldn't be whipsawed by bursts of either bad or good news and he was "highly optimistic" about the long term.

Farmers Fight Fart Tax

Wrote about this stupidity a while ago too. Good on the farmers for fighting dumb crap. I hope all of you sheep out there wake up and fight this baloney, before it’s too late.

European Farmers Protest Proposals to Tax Cow Flatulence

Proposals to tax the flatulence of cows and other livestock have been denounced by farming groups in the Irish Republic and Denmark.

A cow tax of $18 per animal has been mooted in Ireland, while Denmark is discussing a levy as high as $110 per cow to offset the potential penalties each country faces from European Union legislation aimed at combating global warming.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

GASP!: Senator Kerry: Delaying Action is ‘Suicide'

Lurch decides to speak again on a subject about which he knows nothing; and how retarded he was when he blamed global warming for a tornado outbreak. Just remember why these nimrod politicians (who are no more a scientist than most of you out there) need to ram action home on global warming; this has been covered extensively before: follow the dollars to find the rat.

If you need more global warming fear to satisfy your apocalyptic cravings, read the GASP! Series and the Dr. Brignell’s warmlist.

Kerry: Climate change delay is 'suicide pact'

A leading US senator warned on Wednesday that deferring potentially costly actions to combat climate change because of the global economic slump amounted to "a mutual suicide pact."

"Climate change is not governed by a recession, it's governed by scientific facts about what's happening to Earth. And you either accept the realities of the science or you don't," said Democratic Senator John Kerry.

He spoke after some of his colleagues argued that the United States should not impose a cap-and-trade system for so-called greenhouse gases blamed for global warming because it amounts to a painful tax during a deep downturn.

"You don't enter a mutual suicide pact because the economy is having a hard time right now," Kerry said after meeting with UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon seven months before global climate change talks in Denmark's capital.

Poll: 41% Think AGW Exaggerated

Even the tilted polls are starting to admit what previous polls have already shown; your little lie is drying up, moonbats.

Increased Number Think Global Warming Is “Exaggerated”

PRINCETON, NJ -- Although a majority of Americans believe the seriousness of global warming is either correctly portrayed in the news or underestimated, a record-high 41% now say it is exaggerated. This represents the highest level of public skepticism about mainstream reporting on global warming seen in more than a decade of Gallup polling on the subject.

GASP!: Never Ending Sea Rise Malarkey

Before you read this post, please go here and read about the Archimedes Principle. Let me quote his work, On Floating Bodies:

Any body wholly or partially immersed in a fluid experiences an upthrust equal to, but opposite in sense to, the weight of the fluid displaced.

This is what ship builders know as displacement related to buoyancy (i.e., a ship will displace a volume of water equal to the mass of the ship). Now, after reading that, do you understand how a chunk of ice floating (or partially immersed) in water CANNOT raise sea levels, even if every last bit of the ice were to melt or even if smaller chunks of a large floating ice mass break off and then later melt? If ice is already displacing water, it cannot and will not raise water levels if it melts. You can do this experiment in your home with a dish, some water, and some ice.

Actually, if increasing heat were causing all that ice to melt, the increasing heat would also be causing increased evaporation, and I hypothesize that sea levels WOULD ACTUALLY GO DOWN…NOT UP!

Therefore, if you still believe the thrust of this fear-provoking article below (or any of the thousands written on melting ice caused by global warming that have been written over the past several years with the intention of scaring you to death), you are a complete, utter moron.

If you’re still a moron, happy about it, and like to be afraid of life, please go to the warmlist and the GASP! Series to acquire more fear related to global warming; there’s just no end to the plagues global warming piles upon mankind, LOL!

Scientists Warn of Catastrophic Sea Level Rise

COPENHAGEN — Top climate scientists warned Tuesday that sea levels could rise twice as much as previously projected as they presented the latest research on global warming.

A 2007 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted a sea level rise of 7 to 23 inches by the end of the century.

But scientists meeting in Copenhagen dismissed those estimates as too conservative, saying new data suggests that sea level rise could exceed 39 inches and is unlikely to be less than 20 inches.

"This means that if the emissions of greenhouse gases is not reduced quickly and substantially even the best-case scenario will hit low-lying coastal areas housing one-tenth of humans on the planet hard," organizers said in a statement at the three-day congress hosted by the University of Copenhagen.

The melting of polar ice sheets and of glaciers are two big factors that will affect sea levels, they added.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Economy Be Damned: Report Your AGW Gases! (EPA)

The glorious EPA, emboldened by its new POTUS climate champion, is ready to invoke Stalin-esque tactics in dealing with you capitalist companies out there, who are doing your best to prop up and save this pathetic economy from the doom with which the new POTUS wants to orchestrate from behind his climate-cooking TelePrompters (he can pass all his expensive government programs that way—per Rahm Emmanuel’s ‘No Wasted Crisis’ philosophy).

Remember…key Democratic leaders and other liberal elites have claimed several times that we needed to cool down the world economy to fight global warming; now they got what they wanted, and no media person anywhere has questioned them about those statements.

EPA May Require Factories to Report Warming Emissions

March 10 (Bloomberg) -- Chemical, steel, automobile and other energy-intensive factories would have to submit annual reports to the federal government on their greenhouse gas emissions under a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposal that lays a foundation for fighting global warming.

About 13,000 facilities that account for as much as 90 percent of greenhouse gas emissions would have to comply, the EPA said in a statement today. The first reports would be submitted in 2011 and cover emissions in 2010, according to the proposal. Car and engine makers would begin their reports for 2011 models.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fuel Taxes to Lower Greenhouse Gases

Contrast this article with the one a few days ago. What does that tell you? What side does the media take with regard to environmental taxation?

I keep wondering when the world will wake up and call this scam for what it is, but there are apparently enough sheep grazing out there to allow the lefty-enviro-politicians of the world to milk every last cent out of ‘global warming.’

These taxes (your money)—just like cigarette taxes that were going to be used to pay for smoking-related health costs but weren’t—will not be used to fight CO2, a natural, necessary gas for life (not a pollutant). Oh yes, cigarette taxes were also going to discourage smoking while also paying for healthcare? If people stopped smoking because of the taxes then where would the tax revenue come from to pay for the healthcare? No one stopped smoking because of the taxes. These taxes had nothing to do with the reasoning claimed.

The revenue from this silly fuel tax will go to some government program that will have no worth other than giving its staff members a permanent job. That job will morph into something else, once the green fad and global warming are tossed into the dustbin of history. Since there's already no global warming, the politicians can claim that their tax "fixed it." Neat scam, huh?

Swedish government to raise fuel taxes to cut greenhouse gases

Until voters in free countries stand up to this tomfoolery, they’ll continue to tell us that they’re saving us by raising our taxes. Come on people! Don’t you see this for what it is??!

Stockholm - Higher taxes on vehicles and fuel are in store for Swedish motorists, transport companies and industry as part of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the government said Tuesday. Finance Minister Anders Borg, Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren and Enterprise Minister Maud Olofsson said in a joint statement that the measures would take the current financial slump into account.

As of 2011 taxes on diesel fuel were to be raised in two stages by 0.40 kronor (0.04 dollars), as would taxes on carbon-dioxide emissions while the forestry and agriculture sectors would be included in emissions trading schemes.

The measures that included taxes on heating were part of a pending bill on energy and enviroment, and the goal was to cut greenhouse gas emissions by a further 2 million tons by 2020.

"A price tag on climate changing emissions underlines that emissions carry a cost that have to be paid," Carlgren said.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Prince Charles: Forget 18 Months…We Now Have 100 Months Until Doom!

Okay, let’s examine this closely. Last year, Prince Charles issued one of his many brilliant global warming predictions: “We have 18-months until doom.” This was not his first goofy soothsaying utterance or his last. He’s been actively prophesying of late, and he’s managed to sound almost as dumb as Al Gore. He has basically adopted Gore’s lengthier end-of-days prediction, which has a comparable number of years remaining before we all burn to a crisp under the strain of too many cow and car poots. I can’t believe I’m actually having to get on here and try to convince people of how dumb all this BS is. Never mind…yes, I can believe it.

What’s even more interesting here is that it becomes blatantly obvious that the media isn’t doing its job; our media—as an equitable watchdog of ALL political stripes—is now non-existent. They’ve basically “forgotten” the Prince’s earlier 18-month doom prediction and will now accept, without question, his new forecast, which has expanded the period preceding prophesied doom by a factor of more than five. Why isn’t the media calling him out on this obvious, incredible change in timescale? Why aren’t they asking him how he is professionally qualified to make changing predictions about the coming apocalypse? The same reason they aren’t asking Al Gore the same questions!

Well, in much the same way that the media practically chanted for Obama’s election, we’ve seen that the media is an open advocate for global warming theory as a reality (because of the political advantages it affords), and the media typically attacks or ignores anyone who attempts to discredit global warming (no matter how credible or correct they sound). In short, our mainstream media is now opinionated and agenda-driven; they barely even hide that fact anymore, and only occasionally do they emanate a tacit denial of bias. Their actions don’t match their words. ‘I don’t believe in global warming’ draws gasps of incredulity and leaves the “offender” to stand on his own and draw invectives from faithful alarmists (e.g., ‘deniers are insane’) who are always portrayed as the bringers of truth, with few willing to point out how that denier just might be right.

Don’t forget…Prince Charles was one of those goofballs who was screaming for a weaker economy to fight global warming, along with Bill Clinton and Obama’s Secretary Geithner. Well, now they’ve got what they wanted! So why isn’t the media asking them: “In terms of global warming, are you now pleased that the economy is in recession? Will this save the Earth?” Figure it out for yourself—why won’t the media do its damn job?!

Prince Charles: 100 months to save the world

Prince Charles will say that the need to tackle global warming is more urgent than ever before and that, even in a global recession, the world must not lose sight of the "bigger picture".

His warning will be delivered on Thursday in a keynote speech in Rio de Janeiro.

Aides believe it will echo one he gave in Sao Paulo in 1991 at the start of the last recession, when he warned that caring for the world's long term welfare must not become a "luxury".

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Obama's TelePrompter: Does It Cause Warming Too?

I'm just wondering why the media hasn't written about the massive amount of carbon that Obama's TelePrompters pump into the atmosphere? I mean...the media never misses an opportunity to tell us how our computers, Internet , LCD TVs, SUVs, and video games cause global warming.

So come on media! Where's the fairness here? Hold The Almighty to account for his climate transgressions! Stop attacking him for just being a talking head, incapable of speaking without his silly crutch; he's destroying the earth with those things too!

President Barack Obama doesn’t go anywhere without his TelePrompter.

The textbook-sized panes of glass holding the president’s prepared remarks follow him wherever he speaks.

Resting on top of a tall, narrow pole, they flank his podium during speeches in the White House’s stately parlors. They stood next to him on the floor of a manufacturing plant in Indiana as he pitched his economic stimulus plan. They traveled to the Department of Transportation this week and were in the Capitol Rotunda last month when he paid tribute to Abraham Lincoln in six-minute prepared remarks.

Obama’s reliance on the teleprompter is unusual — not only because he is famous for his oratory, but because no other president has used one so consistently and at so many events, large and small.

[From Obama's safety net: the TelePrompter - Carol E. Lee - POLITICO.com]

Gore: "Silly to Debate Science"

Ha ha...what a moron this Al Gore is. He insults science--a discipline that's ALL ABOUT DEBATE--on a daily basis. Only the politically motivated scientists have attempted to shut down debate about global warming theory.

A Heated Exchange: Al Gore Confronts His Critic(s)

The Goreacle has spoken–again.

Former Vice President Al Gore repeated his message that climate change is a planetary emergency at the WSJ’s Eco:nomics conference in California. The Nobel-prize winner declined to take any questions from reporters, but he did receive a couple of challenges from attendees, including Bjorn Lomborg. But don’t expect Mr. Gore to debate the merits of how best to tackle climate change anytime soon.

Mr. Gore stuck to his prepared script about the urgency of taking action to curb global greenhouse-gas emissions, down to well-worn phrases he trots out at conferences across the country: America is at “a political tipping point” on climate change, and even if Washington has failed to address the energy challenge in the last 35 years, “political will is a renewable resource.”

But he was challenged by Mr. Lomborg, the Danish skeptical environmentalist who thinks the world would be better off spending more money on health and education issues than curbing carbon emissions.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gas Tax Cuts = More Global Warming

They will continue to ignore reality and play up this BS because it’s politically expedient. Don’t look for anyone in the Obama Administration to admit the truth, even if the mainstream scientific world has bent some and, though not fully willing to let go of the lie just yet, has said that AGW is ‘on pause.’

Remember why they cling to the pipe dream. Follow the dollars always. Your Mom and Dad weren’t stupid—follow the money to find the rat.

US Treasury secretary attacks oil, gas tax breaks

WASHINGTON, March 4 (Reuters) - U.S. oil and natural gas producing companies should not receive federal subsidies in the form of tax breaks because their businesses contribute to global warming, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told Congress on Wednesday.

It was one of the sharpest attacks yet on the oil and gas industry by a top Obama administration official, reinforcing the White House stance that new U.S. energy policy will focus on promoting renewable energy sources like wind and solar power and rely less on traditional fossil fuels like oil as America tackles climate change.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Once More: Temporary Warming Pause

Do you see? They're reluctantly admitting that it's ‘cooling off’; they're admitting that global warming (as they define it) IS NOT HAPPENING and HAS NOT HAPPENED in nearly a decade! It’s just that they’re still trying to hold on to the concept as being legitimate—that is: Man’s CO2 emissions are driving up world temperatures, which is NOT TRUE!

I've written extensively on this blog about 'climate revisionism' and the La-Nina-El-Nino effects. So, they predictably make efforts in the article to explain why global warming is being covered up by these effects, but they ignore SO MANY other climate variables (including, paradoxically, the Sun) that it’s laughable.

These people truly are a bunch of clowns.

Global Warming: On Hold?

Earth's climate continues to confound scientists. Following a 30-year trend of warming, global temperatures have flatlined since 2001 despite rising greenhouse gas concentrations, and a heat surplus that should have cranked up the planetary thermostat.

"This is nothing like anything we've seen since 1950," Kyle Swanson of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee said. "Cooling events since then had firm causes, like eruptions or large-magnitude La Ninas. This current cooling doesn't have one."

Instead, Swanson and colleague Anastasios Tsonis think a series of climate processes have aligned, conspiring to chill the climate. In 1997 and 1998, the tropical Pacific Ocean warmed rapidly in what Swanson called a "super El Nino event." It sent a shock wave through the oceans and atmosphere, jarring their circulation patterns into unison.

They'll Get You While You're Down

The lefty politicians in all the liberal states prepare to claim every last ounce of revenue out of this scam (record cold winters be damned) that they can before we Americans decide to wake up and revolt against the idiocy.

Logan parking costs may soar

In the same month that Logan International Airport hiked its parking rates by $1, Governor Deval Patrick is asking for another $2 parking "carbon fee" as part of his transportation overhaul filed this week.

The carbon fee, described on page 137 of Patrick's 141-page bill, would that mean a 20- or 30-minute trip to pick up a relative at Logan could cost $6 in parking alone, not including tunnel tolls, which could rise to as much as $7 if legislators fail to pass Patrick's other proposal to raise the gas tax. Three hours in a Logan garage would cost $18; all-day parking in a garage would run $26.

Mother Nature's Poetic Justice

It happens time and time again. The morons hold a protest and a huge winter storm comes in and screws it all up. One must love poetic justice.

Out With A Shiver: Global Warming Protest Frozen Out by Massive Snowfall

Global warming activists stormed Washington Monday for what was billed as the nation's largest act of civil disobedience to fight climate change -- only to see the nation's capital virtually shut down by a major winter storm.

Schools and businesses were shuttered, lawmakers cancelled numerous appearances and the city came to a virtual standstill as Washington was blasted with its heaviest snowfall of the winter.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Toilet Paper Worse Than SUV?

This is some crap, no pun intended. Okay, so toilet paper made from recycled fibers is more biodegradable than regular toilet paper? And yes, I realize that trees need CO2 (which should be an instant wakeup call for you dolts out there calling for CO2 to be considered a pollutant).

This brings me back to the Sheryl Crow nonsense (use only two or three sheets of TP or a little more for those pesky situations). So toilet paper is worse for the environment than a Hummer? I, somehow, don’t think so.

Fluffy Toilet Paper Said to Be Worse for Environment Than Hummers

The United States is the largest market for toilet paper in the world, the newspaper reported, but tissue from 100 percent recycled fibers makes up less than 2 percent of sales for at-home use among conventional and premium brands. People from other countries throughout Europe and Latin America are far less picky about what they use to wipe.

“This is a product that we use for less than three seconds and the ecological consequences of manufacturing it from trees is enormous,” Hershkowitz told the Guardian newspaper, which cited the chemicals used in pulp manufacturing and process of cutting down forests.

“Future generations are going to look at the way we make toilet paper as one of the greatest excesses of our age," Hershkowitz said. "Making toilet paper from virgin wood is a lot worse than driving Hummers in terms of global warming pollution.”