Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weather news not mentioned in American media

Oh yeah...the globe is warming...

Russians Brace For The Big Chill | January 19, 2008 | AHN:

Moscow, Russia (AHN) - Russians are bracing for temperatures of as low as minus 55 degrees Celsius (minus 67 degrees Fahrenheit) in Siberia as Russia's emergencies ministry warns on Wednesday of its impending dangers in the coming weeks.

Government agencies were placed on high alert, reports AFP. The ministry ordered local administration officials to prepare for the extreme chill expected to last until Jan. 21.

The ministry warned that the unusually cold weather could kill, cause frost-bite, conk heaters and cut electricity to homes, disrupt transport, increase the rate of car accidents and even destroy buildings across Siberia.

Lake Paliastomi in the western Georgia froze for the first time in 50 years, reports Rustavi-2 television.

Western news outlets will ignore this "inconvenient" bit of empirical evidence in favor of some story that shows a glacier that's "too small" or a regional temperature that is "too warm" for this time of year (which is baselined against what?).

Meanwhile, over here in the Insane States of America, liberal idiots converge in the snow. - Bay & Environment: Global warming protest frosted with snow:

It snowed, but they still came. A heavy snowfall blanketed a global warming protest outside the State House in Annapolis this morning, but it did not dampen the shouts of about 400 activists who urged lawmakers to pass the nation's toughest greenhouse gas control law.

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