Sunday, January 6, 2008

Latest scare story of the day

AP and Reuters continue to attack it from every angle, until you're all marching along like good environ-mental-ist soldiers.

Ice Pioneer Eyes Farthest Glaciers
"There are indications of warming," explained Kasis Inape, a senior government climatologist here. "But we can't really confidently say the temperature change has been this much or that much, because the actual data are lacking."
This is one of the usual tactics of AGW fear-mongers; they want you to believe that the polar ice caps are melting at 'an increasingly alarming rate.' Another tactic is to make you believe we're killing off species, like the polar bears and penguins, when in fact the 'polar bear on the melting ice' was proven to be falsely hyped photo taken in the summer--when ice normally melts in the arctic (yes, that's right melts and refreezes every year). Yet another tactic was to tell you that hurricanes are increasing because of warming (Al Gore's favorite), but we've seen that tact has worked out too well for them over the past two years of dire predictions.

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