Sunday, January 27, 2008

Heavy snow in China strands 150,000??!!

Heavy snow stranding people? How is this possible since our evil gases are melting everything? Oh, that's's no longer called "global warming." Now it's "climate change"...that way, no matter what happens that is unusual (whatever the hell that is) in the weather, we can blame it on ourselves!

Notice the weasel words they use in an attempt to tie all this cold stuff to "climate change." (my emphasis in bold)

Heavy snow in China strands 150,000 -

BEIJING (AP) — Power cuts blamed on ice and unusually heavy snowfall left almost 150,000 people waiting for trains in the key southern Chinese rail hub of Guangzhou on Sunday, state media reported.

Hunan and other parts of central China have been hit in recent days by freakishly cold weather, icy rain and snow that has accumulated on power lines, causing them to snap in places. Some areas have seen the heaviest snowfalls in more than a decade, with more bad weather forecast for the coming days.

Of course, how do I see all this? It's not climate's more empirical evidence that the Earth is not heating up. Mother Nature is laughing at us pathetic, arrogant humans.

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