Sunday, May 23, 2010

Al Gore Blames Reporters

This one is rich. The media, by and large, has been playing along with this fake global warming crap for years. So now The Gore is throwing the blame of Climategate and other revealing scandals on the media?!? I'm cracking up...

Much of the media has done a particularly bad job covering the climate crisis. Instead of informing the public about the facts, they have treated the issue as if the same political divisions they exuberantly cover also exist in the scientific community. They don't.

[From Al's Journal : Denialists in Denial ]

Hillary Clinton: AGW 'Unequivocal' and 'Human-induced'

You've just got to understand why they can't let this go. So much has been invested in creating this myth; so many reputations and so much money hangs in the balance, even though there is NOTHING there.

All this in an attempt to save the next Crap and Tax bill that most Americans don't want. Like that ever stopped Democrats.

WASHINGTON, April 19 (Reuters) - An environmental coalition publicized a new U.S. draft report on climate change on Monday, one week before the expected unveiling of a compromise U.S. Senate bill that aims to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

The Project on Climate Science, a coalition of environmental groups, publicized the report in advance of Earth Day on April 22, a spokeswoman said. The report was released with little fanfare on April 7 and posted on the Federal Register on April 8.

The report, a draft of the Fifth U.S. Climate Action Report that will be sent to the United Nations, says bluntly: "Global warming is unequivocal and primarily human-induced ... Global temperature has increased over the past 50 years. This observed increase is due primarily to human-induced emissions of heat-trapping gases."

[From Reuters AlertNet - US climate report publicized in runup to Senate bill]

U.N. Climate Report Gets "F" Grade in Audit

Duh! Like I couldn't see that one coming, provided someone ACTUALLY scrutinized the baloney written in it.

It may be time for the United Nations' climate-studies scientists to go back to school.

A group of 40 auditors -- including scientists and public policy experts from across the globe -- have released a shocking report card on the U.N.'s landmark climate-change research report.

And they gave 21 of the report's 44 chapters a grade of "F."

[From - Last in Class: Critics Give U.N. Climate Researchers an 'F' ]

Constantly Retreating Global Floating Ice

Remember a few summers ago (in 2008) when the North Pole was supposed to completely melt away? Well, now they've moved their prediction forward to 2050. Guess they didn't suspect someone like me would remember their flawed, stupid-assed prediction from before.

At least they're finally admitting to the Archimedes Principle, though you have to read to the bottom to avoid believing that any melted, floating ice will not raise the sea levels (or as they say "adds little" 'bout NONE?). Besides, Al Gore just bought a $9-million dollar home on the coast...guess he's not too concerned about all the coastal flooding he prophesies every chance he gets to earn a few thousand bucks for his Armageddon presentations.

Picking apart these stupid, liberal environmentalists over global warming is like taking candy from a baby.

The study did not shed new light on how soon the North Pole may be ice-free in summer, which many climate experts say could happen by 2050, perhaps even earlier.Melting of floating sea ice and ice shelves adds little to sea level rise, because their entire mass is already in the water. By contrast, ice on land which melts into the sea will add to levels according to the equivalent of its entire weight.

[From Global floating ice in constant retreat: study | Reuters]

Friday, May 14, 2010

"Goron" Receives Fake Degree from UT

Seems that liberal stupidity knows no bounds, even in the Deep South. The academics at the University of Tennessee have decided to tarnish their image and the image of the university by giving an "honorary degree" to a moron...or Goron. He's a like a new subatomic particle; Gorons are made up of morons, or something like that, and they attract idiotrons while repelling intelligent particles.

Even after "global warming" has been shown to be a complete farce through scandal upon scandal, really goofy people continue to lay down at this monkey's feet, as if he's some kind of smart person and an environmental oracle. Are you people really so dumb that you'd give this idiot your highest honors? Apparently so.

Former Vice President Al Gore received an honorary degree from the University of Tennessee during the College of Arts and Sciences graduation ceremony Friday morning.

Gore told students in a 20-minute speech that addressing climate change is the "biggest item of unfinished business" on the American agenda.

[From | Knoxville, TN | Update: Gore tells graduates climate change is "unfinished business"]

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Statistician Slams 'Hockey Stick' Graph

Speaks for itself...I've written many times about the statistical manipulations used to exaggerate and CREATE warming when there is none. You've all been scammed and fed a lie.

A key piece of evidence in climate change science was slammed as “exaggerated” on Wednesday by the UK’s leading statistician, in a vindication of claims that global warming sceptics have been making for years.

Professor David Hand, president of the Royal Statistical Society, said that a graph shaped like an ice hockey stick that has been used to represent the recent rise in global temperatures had been compiled using “inappropriate” methods.

“It used a particular statistical technique that exaggerated the effect [of recent warming],” he said.

The criticism came as part of a report published on Wednesday that found the scientists behind the “Climategate” e-mail scandal had behaved “honestly and fairly” and showed “no evidence of any deliberate scientific malpractice”.

[From / Global Economy - Global warming graph attacked by study]

"Attacks" on Climate Research Attacked

I'll see your 250 scientists and raise you about 31,000 more SKEPTICAL scientists. Sorry guys, but the cat is out of the bag with all the scandals. And NOTHING YOU CAN DO could prevent catastrophe, even if there was a catastrophe...and there isn't.

(Reuters) - More than 250 U.S. scientists on Thursday defended climate change research against "political assaults" and warned that any delay in tackling global warming heightens the risk of a planet-wide catastrophe.

[From Scientists decry assaults on climate research | Reuters]

Alarmists' Hype Worsens Mental Illness

Remember earlier stories on "Eco-Therapy"? Here you go. All this fear and FOR NO GOOD REASON. Mankind is NOT heating up the planet through fossil fuel usage. But this is just another example of how alarm, interventions, and so-called "solutions" are far more harmful than the supposed climate ills they're trying to overcome.

A recent study has found that global warming has impacted the nature of symptoms experienced by obsessive compulsive disorder patients.

Climate change related obsessions and/or compulsions were identified in 28% of patients presenting with obsessive compulsive disorder. Their obsessions included leaving taps on and wasting water, leaving lights on and wasting electricity, pets dying of thirst, leaving the stove on and wasting gas as well as obsessions that global warming had contributed to house floors cracking, pipes leaking, roof problems and white ants eating the house.

[From Global Warming Fears Seen In Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Patients |]