Sunday, May 23, 2010

Constantly Retreating Global Floating Ice

Remember a few summers ago (in 2008) when the North Pole was supposed to completely melt away? Well, now they've moved their prediction forward to 2050. Guess they didn't suspect someone like me would remember their flawed, stupid-assed prediction from before.

At least they're finally admitting to the Archimedes Principle, though you have to read to the bottom to avoid believing that any melted, floating ice will not raise the sea levels (or as they say "adds little" 'bout NONE?). Besides, Al Gore just bought a $9-million dollar home on the coast...guess he's not too concerned about all the coastal flooding he prophesies every chance he gets to earn a few thousand bucks for his Armageddon presentations.

Picking apart these stupid, liberal environmentalists over global warming is like taking candy from a baby.

The study did not shed new light on how soon the North Pole may be ice-free in summer, which many climate experts say could happen by 2050, perhaps even earlier.Melting of floating sea ice and ice shelves adds little to sea level rise, because their entire mass is already in the water. By contrast, ice on land which melts into the sea will add to levels according to the equivalent of its entire weight.

[From Global floating ice in constant retreat: study | Reuters]