Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wind energy threatened by cold weather

Loss of wind causes Texas power grid emergency| U.S.| Reuters:

HOUSTON (Reuters) - A drop in wind generation late on Tuesday, coupled with colder weather, triggered an electric emergency that caused the Texas grid operator to cut service to some large customers, the grid agency said on Wednesday.
What's interesting about this? Cold weather and a lack of wind kills TX wind energy farms, which are supposed to provide alternative energy to fossil fuels, because they help feed global warming. Does anyone else see the irony here?

Record winter: psychos still believe


Record snow smothers New England -

CONCORD, N.H. — Another snowstorm swept across New England on Wednesday, toppling seasonal snowfall records and dumping so much heavy snow on buildings that some collapsed under the weight.

"People can't keep up with the snow. They think it's going to stop, but it's just not stopping," said Shawn Greenwood, owner of Greenwood Construction, in St. Johnsbury, Vt.

"I've been roofing for 20 years and this is the worst I've ever seen," he said. "I was shoveling a roof off one day two weeks ago and the house next door caved in."

In Vermont, Burlington's 7.6 inches pushed the official snowfall past the February record of 34.3 inches and the winter record from December, January and February of 96.9 inches.

Concord already had set a record for the snowiest December, January and February, and the storm pushed the total for the three months to 97.5 inches. For the entire snow season, Concord has seen 99.6 inches, off the record of 122 inches, set in the winter of 1873-74, but still enough to make it the 10th snowiest winter on record.

In northern Maine, Caribou had seen 144.5 inches this season as of Wednesday morning, putting it on pace to break the record of 181.1 for the entire season, said National Weather Service meteorologist Mark Turner.

Parts of eastern New York state also had gotten as much as a foot of snow, closing dozens of schools in the region, mostly in the Albany area.

Farther west, lake effect snow fed by moisture from Lake Michigan piled up nearly a foot deep Wednesday in northwest Indiana, and forecasters said totals could reach 20 inches by Thursday morning.

Indiana State Police diverted traffic from the eastbound lanes of the Indiana Toll Road near Michigan City for about three hours Wednesday morning because large trucks could not get any traction on the snow-covered pavement.

Snow also blew across the Ohio Valley and farther south, closing schools in parts of Ohio, Kentucky, middle and eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina.

The weather service said some areas in the mountains of western North Carolina could see up to 10 inches of snow.

The actual story isn't what's interesting. What's really funny is reading some of the comments from the warmanatics at the bottom. Predictably, AGW is causing all the cold and snow. At the same time, it causes all the warm weather, so global warming causes both cold and hot weather! Shows just how complete the brainwashing is:

Dbick wrote:14m ago
Nobody has taken me up yet on my bet that 2008 will be yet another top 10 warmest year globally when NASA gathers the data next January. Come on all of you in denial, any takers? I'll even put some stakes on it. Lets say the loser has to change their avatar to a picture of a bag of dooches.

mase wrote: 1h 18m ago
jammer97 you are a complete dumb@ss. Extreme winters in one area Northeast and severe drought in the South is the personification of global warming. Do thy homework.

Dbick wrote:2h 12m ago
Actually warming could result in increased snowfall. Warmer air leads to more evaporation. If its 10 degrees outside instead of 0, its still cold enough to snow but the warmer temperature could lead to more snow than if it were 0. Got it? I have no idea if the temperature in New England have been warmer than usual this winter. My point is that more snow does not mean the end of the global warming theory. Want to make a bet that 2008 will again be one of the top 10 warmest years globally since record keeping began?

IMWright wrote:1d 4h ago
there was never this kind of severe snow and cold prior to global warming- just ask our most eminent climatologist with both a Nobel prize and an Oscar to his credit!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Now, reputations fall like dominoes

I'm really tired of being right all the the attached temperature graph and let the weeping begin. It's okay you warmaholic scientists; you can band together and maybe form your own employment agency, now that your professional reputations are in the toilet for backing a bunch of alarmist BS for so long. But, I'm sure you know this, so you'll continue ignoring the overwhelming evidence that says you've blown it, no matter if you say it's now "climate change" versus "global warming."

Wonder when or if the major news outlets will report this; probably not, since they're part of the propaganda machine which must now eat crow.

7390 Large Hadcrut

DailyTech - Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling:

Twelve-month long drop in world temperatures wipes out a century of warming

Over the past year, anecdotal evidence for a cooling planet has exploded. China has its coldest winter in 100 years. Baghdad sees its first snow in all recorded history. North America has the most snowcover in 50 years, with places like Wisconsin the highest since record-keeping began. Record levels of Antarctic sea ice, record cold in Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Mexico, Australia, Iran, Greece, South Africa, Greenland, Argentina, Chile -- the list goes on and on.

No more than anecdotal evidence, to be sure. But now, that evidence has been supplanted by hard scientific fact. All four major global temperature tracking outlets (Hadley, NASA's GISS, UAH, RSS) have released updated data. All show that over the past year, global temperatures have dropped precipitously.

Forget global warming: Welcome to the new Ice Age:
Snow cover over North America and much of Siberia, Mongolia and China is greater than at any time since 1966.

The U.S. National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) reported that many American cities and towns suffered record cold temperatures in January and early February. According to the NCDC, the average temperature in January "was -0.3 F cooler than the 1901-2000 (20th century) average."

China is surviving its most brutal winter in a century. Temperatures in the normally balmy south were so low for so long that some middle-sized cities went days and even weeks without electricity because once power lines had toppled it was too cold or too icy to repair them.

There have been so many snow and ice storms in Ontario and Quebec in the past two months that the real estate market has felt the pinch as home buyers have stayed home rather than venturing out looking for new houses.

In just the first two weeks of February, Toronto received 70 cm of snow, smashing the record of 66.6 cm for the entire month set back in the pre-SUV, pre-Kyoto, pre-carbon footprint days of 1950.

And remember the Arctic Sea ice? The ice we were told so hysterically last fall had melted to its "lowest levels on record? Never mind that those records only date back as far as 1972 and that there is anthropological and geological evidence of much greater melts in the past.

The ice is back.

Monday, February 25, 2008

US stand a `nonstarter' on world climate policy

Of course we're a "non-starter." The United States has been painted by many (including many leftists in this country) as the boogey man of the modern world, especially by the cheating, lying, mobster-thugs of the United Nations, who are mainly responsible for propagating this stupid BS that is "global warming."

Why did we reject Kyoto? Because it's value is far below (by many factors of 10) it's cost, and even most Democrats could see that. Kyoto is even bigger BS than global warming is.

The Associated Press: UN Climate Head: US Stand a `nonstarter':

NEW YORK (AP) — The U.N. climate chief on Monday welcomed statements by Bush administration officials that the United States would accept a binding international commitment to reduce global-warming gases. But he said their insistence that China and other developing nations do the same "is not realistic."

"If it's a quid pro quo, then it's a nonstarter," said Yvo de Boer, executive secretary of the Bonn-based U.N. climate secretariat.

The United States is the only major industrial nation to reject the U.N. climate treaty's Kyoto Protocol, which requires 37 nations to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by an average 5 percent by 2012.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sorry: All scientists DO NOT AGREE

Kudos once again to Noel Sheppard for his awesome AGW coverage.

So 400 scientists disagree with the consensus and the Gore-Christ (including former U.N. IPCC members), and all the Gore-Christ can do is say that 30 of them MAY HAVE "Big Oil" connections. This is why more scientists don't speak up about what's going on; they don't want to be branded with the Scarlet Letter by the Warmaholic Faithful. Al Gore's Oscar and Nobel Prizes are the biggest jokes I think I've ever personally witnessed.

One-hundred well-known, respected scientists recently sent an open letter to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, imploring the U.N. to wake-up and see the political juggernaut this is issue has become. They boldly state (at their own professional peril) that climate change is natural and that political action is futile.

Though not in the letter, one scientist stated the following:

"I find the Doomsday picture Al Gore is painting — a six-meter sea level rise, 15 times the IPCC number — entirely without merit," said Dutch atmospheric scientist Hendrik Tennekes, one of the researchers quoted in the report by Republican staff of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

"I protest vigorously the idea that the climate reacts like a home heating system to a changed setting of the thermostat: just turn the dial, and the desired temperature will soon be reached," Mr. Tennekes said in the report.

Later we read:
In the Senate report, environmental scientist David W. Schnare of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said he was skeptical because "conclusions about the cause of the apparent warming stand on the shoulders of incredibly uncertain data and models. ... As a policy matter, one has to be less willing to take extreme actions when data are highly uncertain."
U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works :: Minority Page:
Over 400 prominent scientists from more than two dozen countries recently voiced significant objections to major aspects of the so-called "consensus" on man-made global warming. These scientists, many of whom are current and former participants in the UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), criticized the climate claims made by the UN IPCC and former Vice President Al Gore.

GASP!: Snakes will squeeze us to death!


LOL! I couldn't make this up. Thanks to Noel!

Pythons could squeeze lower third of USA -

As climate change warms the nation, giant Burmese pythons could colonize one-third of the USA, from San Francisco across the Southwest, Texas and the South and up north along the Virginia coast, according to U.S. Geological Survey maps released Wednesday.

The pythons can be 20 feet long and 250 pounds. They are highly adaptable to new environments.

AGW silver lining: conservatives die!

Crack Pipe
Still believe that AGW is not about politics (as Dr. Heidi Cullen of the Weather Channel claims)? Here's a liberal fruitcake (liberal columnist Dave Lindorff...should be "LinDORK") who longs for the day when AGW kills conservatives.

Of course, he's smoking a crack pipe...because global warming is BS. Besides, liberals REALLY ARE dying off, because they're aborting and homosexualizing themselves out of existence, while conservatives still believe in the almighty family--the way that nature intended. But I digress.

This is not a surprise; a hardcore communist dumbass sees a prediction of disaster as a way to consolidate political power. He's definitely dumb...because he obviously BELIEVES this crap is going to happen.

Global Warming Will Save America from the Right...Eventually |

Say what you will about the looming catastrophe facing the world as the pace of global heating and polar melting accelerates. There is a silver lining.

Look at a map of the US.

The area that will by completely inundated by the rising ocean—and not in a century but in the lifetime of my two cats—are the American southeast, including the most populated area of Texas, almost all of Florida, most of Louisiana, and half of Alabama and Mississippi, as well as goodly portions of eastern Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

So what we see is that huge swaths of conservative America are set to face a biblical deluge in a few more presidential cycles.

So again, we will see the decline and depopulation of the nation’s vast midsection—noted for its consistent conservatism. Only in the northernmost area, around the Great Lakes (which will be not so great anymore), and along the Canadian border, will there still be enough rain for farming and continued large population concentrations, but those regions, like Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois, are also more liberal in their politics.

So the future political map of America is likely to look as different as the much shrunken geographical map, with much of the so-called “red” state region either gone or depopulated.

There is a poetic justice to this of course. It is conservatives who are giving us the candidates who steadfastly refuse to have the nation take steps that could slow the pace of climate change, so it is appropriate that they should bear the brunt of its impact.

GASP!: Stop computing liberals, you're killing the Earth

Macintosh CaseYour Computer is Causing Global Warming |

Did you know that you're causing global warming just by reading this article on your computer screen?

Or that a medium-sized server has the same annual carbon footprint of an SUV that gets 15 miles to the gallon?

Well, shame on you for not being aware of just how harmful to the environment your laptop is, because according to an English environmental organization called Global Action Plan, the Information and Computer Technology industry is about to surpass the aviation industry in annual carbon dioxide emissions.

I kid you not.

Read the official account here. Actually, if you did the math, just about everything we do as modern humans uses energy derived from fossil fuels, so I suppose the only real solution is to digress to primitive times (especially since no alternative energy sources are acceptable--they're either inefficient or deemed "environmentally worse" than fossil fuels).

2008 to be among hottest?

See? They've got it all figured out. Even though we've had a bitter-assed cold, record-setting winter so far, the media wants you to remember--it's going to be hot this summer!

Notice how they call this winter "cool" instead of what has been...freakin' COLD!

Britain: 2008 may be among hottest years -

LONDON — This year is forecast to be among the top 10 hottest years on record, Britain's weather office said Thursday, despite a strong cooling effect predicted from the tropical weather phenomenon known as La Nina.

The global surface temperature in 2008 will rise 0.67 degrees above what climate scientists call the long-term average of 57.2 degrees, the Met Office said. The average is derived by calculating the mean of surface temperatures registered globally between 1961 and 1990.

Here's something else that should concern you. Alarmist scientists are basing their predictions on an average derived between 1961 and 1990 (roughly 30 years). The Earth is believed to be 4.5 billion years old (4,500,000,000). If you do the math, we're basing our average temperature on a range that is .000000006 % of the Earth's total estimated age (if you divide 4.5 billion by 30 you get 150 millions similar periods that were NEVER MEASURED). That's a lot of lost time in the Earth's history to ignore when you're telling the world that our awful, modern existence is killing the Earth.

I hope statisticians are freaking out when they read that. In other words, our "average" (measured over 30 years) DOES NOT accurately represent the average over the Earth's history, and that doesn't even address the problems associated with the actual temperature measurements since 1961. There are all sorts of scientific problems associated with this "theory."

Recent notable headlines

AFP: First snow for 100 years falls on Baghdad:

BAGHDAD (AFP) — Light snow fell in Baghdad early on Friday in what weather officials said was the first time in about a 100 years.

Rare snowfalls were also recorded in the west and centre of Iraq, plunging temperatures to zero degrees Centigrade (32 degrees Fahrenheit) and even colder, an official said.

The snow in Baghdad, which melted as it hit the ground, began falling before dawn and continued until after 9 am, residents said.

And as Newsbusters' writer Noel Sheppard correctly reports, the mainstream US media is ignoring these harsh winter stories; they just don't fit the global warming template.

RIA Novosti - World - Saudi Arabia covered with snow in coldest winter for 20 years:

ABU DHABI, January 11 (RIA Novosti) - Northern parts of Saudi Arabia are covered with snow with schools, mosques and administrative bodies paralyzed, local media reported Friday.

The oil-rich kingdom is being hit with subzero temperatures and snow storms with freezing winds of up to 50 km/h (30mp/h). Some regions have been experiencing problems with water supplies as pipes have frozen, and livestock has died from the cold.

The Saudi Gazette reported late in December that the winter was expected to last 89 days, with temperatures reaching below zero. National media said the winter is the coldest in the country for 20 years.

Meanwhile, the traditional western media keeps up the drumbeat that fits their template. There's a problem with the story below; they say "scientists" as if all scientists on earth agree, which is far from the case.

Baby Mammoth Could Shed Light on Warming:
Permafrost — earth that remains frozen year-round — lies under much of Siberia but scientists fear that global warming will cause it to melt and could accelerate climate change by releasing large amounts of warming carbon dioxide gases into the atmosphere.
Of course, some in the media obviously realize the jig is up; the public isn't buying into the hysteria, so they have to make some allowances. Now warming is caused by nature...and man. BTW, it's the sun, stupid; the planets have warmed too, idiots.

ABC News: Nature and Man Jointly Cook Arctic:
There's more to the recent dramatic and alarming thawing of the Arctic region than can be explained by man-made global warming alone, a new study found. Nature is pushing the Arctic to the edge, too.
And as I've said before, there is no good solution. Every solution we can devise to replace fossil fuels is unacceptable to the media and environmentalists.
100-dollar crude is good and bad news for environment:
AFP, 3 January 2008 - Surging oil prices are a mixed blessing for the environment, experts say. Clean renewable energy and recycling are getting a major boost from 100-dollar-a-barrel crude -- but so are coal, a massive contributor to global warming, and nuclear power, which remains shadowed by safety concerns.

Get your Enviro-Nuts: no waiting


There are a plenty of nuts in North America and Europe; Sir Richard Branson didn't need to go all the way to the Amazon to get some. This is especially funny coming from a dude who runs a major polluting airline and is planning to blast people off into space for a few minutes at a time, all for the cost of a small fortune.

If he really wants to impress me, he should fill the entire jet with coconut oil and see if it will fly. Guess what? Nut oils alone are not going to fly the current crop of jetliners without some sort of fossil fuel mixed in! If we could fly using cooking oils, we would already be doing it.

Here's an example of a wealthy businessman getting some free, positive publicity for his company from a gullible, propagating press.

Feed Article | Business |:

Nuts picked from Amazon rainforests helped fuel the world's first commercial airline flight powered by renewable energy on Sunday.

A Virgin Atlantic jumbo jet flew from London to Amsterdam with one of its fuel tanks filled with a bio-jet blend including babassu oil and coconut oil.

"Today marks a vital breakthrough for the whole airline industry," Virgin founder Richard Branson told reporters in a hangar at Heathrow airport prior to the flight's departure.

British billionaire Branson said, however, it was unlikely the nut of the wild growing babassu palm would play a key role as airlines turn to renewable fuel sources to cut the industry's greenhouse gas emissions.

"We did not want to use biofuels such as corn oil which were competing with staple food sources," he said, adding he believed algae produced in places like sewage treatment farms were the most likely future source of renewable fuel for the airline industry.

Biofuels, which are currently mainly produced from crops such as grain, vegetable oils and sugar, are seen by advocates as a way to cut emissions of greenhouse gases and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Warming myth causing wheat and corn prices to skyrocket

Remember, the need for "biofuels" is bogus. Carbon is not heating up the Earth, but somehow ethanol has become a panacea for all this media-created hysteria. Of course, the "solution" comes at a price, for wheat is being circumvented for corn, which is used to produce ethanol. Both wheat and corn are food staples--especially for the poor of the world. Now both cost a lot more because of the stupid BS that is "man-made climate change."

So just remember, you bunch of liberal're making it harder for the poor to eat.

ABC: 'Blame' Inflation on the 'Price of Wheat':

“World News with Charles Gibson” explained on February 20 that biofuels are driving up food prices, which is driving up inflation. The Consumer Price Index (CPI), a key inflation reading, rose 0.4 percent in January according to the Labor Department, matching December’s rise.

“Blame it on the price of wheat,” said ABC correspondent Sharon Alfonsi. “Demand for alternative energy has farmers planting less wheat and more corn – the key ingredient of ethanol. Add the growing appetite for wheat from developing countries and the supply is strained.

Arctic = Melting; North Da-ka-ka-kota = FREEZING!

Kudos to NB for the heads-up! The reason the Arctic is so warm is because all the cold has descended southward on us and the rest of the world this winter!

Bismarck Tribune - North Dakota News - Record-setting cold hits eastern North Dakota:

Frigid Arctic air coming down from Canada broke records in eastern North Dakota on Wednesday, including one that had stood for more than a century. Forecasters said a warmup was in store.

The temperature dropped to minus 33 degrees at the Grand Forks airport Wednesday morning, breaking the record for the date of minus 29 set in 1956, said Al Voelker, a National Weather Service meteorologist in the city.

NOAA: AGW not causing increased hurricane destruction

'Nuff said. Can we have the Gore-Christ's Oscar and Nobel Prize back now?

NOAA: Hurricane frequency and global warming NOT the cause of increased destruction « Watts Up With That?:

A team of scientists have found that the economic damages from hurricanes have increased in the U.S. over time due to greater population, infrastructure, and wealth on the U.S. coastlines, and not to any spike in the number or intensity of hurricanes.
“There is nothing in the U.S. hurricane damage record that indicates global warming has caused a significant increase in destruction along our coasts.”

AGW is degrading the icy Southern Ocean?

Latest round of baloney, where activist reporters find ways to sneak in the words "global warming." There are a few problems, however. First, AGW is supposed to be extinguishing species--not making it possible to discover new ones. Secondly, wouldn't "degradation" (meaning "melting ice in Antarctica") make it possible to discover more of what's living there? Or would it be destroying the habitat of these new creatures, and by proxy, exterminating them?

Come on, people of the Earth. Think. Use your brains. Don't just give in to these propagandists!

AFP: Antarctic census set to reveal new species: scientists:

Researchers from the Australian, French and Japanese venture designed to complete a census of marine life in the icy Southern Ocean before it is degraded by global warming, have brought thousands of specimens back.

GM exec states the painfully obvious

He's right, of course. But he'll be accused of being "part of the problem," even though he speaks the plain truth. The media is already circling the wagons.

GM exec stands by calling global warming a crock| Environment| Reuters

DETROIT (Reuters) - General Motors Corp Vice Chairman Bob Lutz has defended remarks he made dismissing global warming as a "total crock of s---," saying his views had no bearing on GM's commitment to build environmentally friendly vehicles.
Meanwhile, NY is still digging out from another hammering, while a new winter storm is moving into the Northwest. This year's winter global warming hasn't been very warming.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Iowa snow 22 inches ABOVE NORMAL

Okay, check out the title of the story. Now read the last few paragraphs of the story that I highlighted. What's curious is that they didn't seem to tie the tornadoes to global warming. Instead, they're going after the freak-weather-climate-change angle. In other words, we're causing all this "abnormal" weather, which is silly.

Neat to see that this winter continues to defy global warming worldwide, however.

Severe storms, tornadoes batter Southeast -

Dozens of schools in central and eastern Iowa were closed or had delayed openings Monday and travel was not recommended on some highways because Sunday's storm dumped as much as 6 inches of snow, accompanied by wind gusting to 50 mph.

According to the weather service, a total of 18.5 inches of snow has fallen so far this month at the Des Moines International Airport, compared to the average 5 inches. So far this season, Iowa has gotten 48 inches compared to the normal 26 inches.

Heavy snow in Greece

Athens-GreeceMore empirical evidence that we're HAVING A SEVERE WINTER, which should be impossible with global warming (oh, I warmaholics will say that global warming makes cooling possible...LOL). This time, Greece is being hit hard...

Heavy snow brings Greece to standstill:

A raging snow storm that blanketed most of Greece over the weekend also continued into the early morning hours on Monday, plunging the country into sub-zero temperatures. Public transport buses were at a standstill on Monday in the wider Athens area, while ships remained in ports, public services remained closed, and schools and courthouses in the more severely-stricken prefectures were also closed. Scores of villages, mainly on the island of Crete, and in the prefectures of Evia, Argolida, Arcadia, Lakonia, Viotia, and the Cyclades islands were snowed in.

Recent climate-related headlines

Just a few more recent, telling articles that relate to climate change, packaged together here for your reading pleasure.

China battles "coldest winter in 100 years"| Reuters

CHENZHOU, China, Feb 4 (Reuters) - Millions remained stranded in China on Monday ahead of the biggest holiday of the year as parts of the country suffered their coldest winter in a century.

Freezing weather has killed scores of people and left travellers stranded before the Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival -- the only opportunity many people have to take a holiday all year.

J'lem experiences second snow of '08 | Jerusalem Post :
Dozens of snowplows and tractors, and 34 tons of salt stood ready in Jerusalem to battle the snowstorm that began on Monday night, which is the second one to blanket the capital this year.

By evening the bright sunshine had turned into driving rain and strong winds. A bit after dark, the flakes began falling. Forecasters said that snow could cover areas as far south as Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev.

The Associated Press: 3 Dead As Snow Hits Texas Panhandle:
LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) — A snowstorm hit the Texas Panhandle early Thursday, leaving at least three people dead and causing a 40-vehicle pileup that shut down an interstate for several hours, officials said.

One person was killed and at least two were injured in the pileup caused by blowing snow that limited visibility and slick, icy spots that made Interstate 40 treacherous, Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Wayne Beighle said.

The Associated Press: Warmer Atlantic Worsens Hurricanes:
WASHINGTON (AP) — When the water in the hurricane breeding grounds of the Atlantic warms one degree in the dead of summer, overall hurricane activity jumps by half, according to a new study.

Scientists have long known that hurricanes get their enormous energy from warm waters, so the warmer the water, the more fuel a storm has to either start up or get stronger. The study calculates how much storm frequency and strength is due to warmer sea water, said author Mark Saunders, professor of climate prediction at the University College London.

Right! That's why the past few hurricane seasons (predicted to be looming disasters) have been a complete bust. Drop the Al Gore schtick already. An article a few days earlier said this...

The Associated Press: Forecasters Debate Hurricanes, Warming:

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A lively and sometimes scrappy debate on whether global warming is fueling bigger and nastier hurricanes like Katrina is adding an edge to a gathering of forecasters here.

The venue for the 88th annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society could not have been more conducive to the discussion: The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center is where thousands of people waited for days during the storm to be evacuated from a city drowning in water and misery.

'60 Minutes' Preempted This Sunday for Global Warming Hysteria |
This teaser raises many important questions. For instance, will even one of the over 400 scientists that don't believe man is responsible for global warming be interviewed by Pelley? Or, will he exclusively talk to folks that are involved in advancing this yet unproven theory?

Will any of the scientific studies concerning historical ice levels in the Arctic and the Antarctic be sited, or just the satellite data for the past thirty years?

Assuming the top NASA scientist Pelley will be speaking to is the controversial head of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies James Hansen, will he be asked about his connection to George Soros? Or that the GISS predicted an ice age back in 1971? Or that Hansen's organization made a huge error in calculating temperatures this decade that was uncovered by Climate Audit's Stephen McIntyre?

NYT slanders climate scientist in obituary

NYT Disgracefully Advances Global Warming Alarmism in an Obituary |

"Dr. Jastrow also became a prominent skeptic on climate change issues, arguing that scientists who warned of a global warming crisis were misattributing nature's effects on climate to the effects of mankind."

Well, to set the record straight, here's what Jastrow wrote on this subject in December 2001 (emphasis added):

We find the scientific evidence clearly indicates the global warming in the last 100 years is likely not due mostly to human activities.

Again, this article is a must-read: (Do people cause global warming?) Here's another scientist-denier who is being ignored by the media and the fruitcakes like Gore-Christ.

Indian cold caused by global warming??!!

Cold wave in India attributed to global warming -

Mumbai: The recent cold wave sweeping across Mumbai and other parts of India could be attributed to global warming, experts said on Tuesday here at an environmental conference.

Addressing the ‘Combat Global Warming’ conference at the Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC) here, former Union minister for power and environment Suresh Prabhu said global warming was primarily a problem created and induced by human beings.

He said the increase in emission of green house gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and methane had resulted in the situation, which could prove catastrophic if unchecked.

Surely even the scientists involved with global warming are being embarrassed by now with all of this empirical evidence hypocrisy and nonsense flying around in the news. How can cold be proof of global warming while warmth is also proof of global warming???!!!

Baliunas, PhD, Says Global Warming Related To Sun

SunOf course, she just opened herself up to death threats from the liberal-climate-psychos (carrying silly, worm-shaped light bulbs). I'm sure they'll find a way to connect her with "BIG OIL" in order to shut her up. Kudos again to NB.

Baliunas Says Global Warming Related To Sun:

Dr. Baliunas' work with fellow Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics astronomer Willie Soon suggests global warming is more directly related to solar variability than to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, an alternative view to what's been widely publicized in the mainstream media. She also said civilizations have always looked for the cause of climate changes.

In 16th and 17th century Europe, thousands were executed for what was called "weather cooking," where religious and political institutions blamed witches - mostly women - for poor growing periods or storms.

Dr. Baliunas received her M.A. (1975) and Ph.D. (1980) degrees in Astrophysics from Harvard University. She serves as senior scientist at the George C. Marshall Institute in Washington, D.C., and chairs the Institute's Science Advisory Board.

The retarded liberal light bulb

505749Seems even lefty-enviro-psychos are turning against this ugly little gem, even though IT'S GOING TO SAVE ALL OF HUMANITY...LOL! See? Like I said, there's no solution to AGW. Even our new earth-saving light bulbs have a disadvantage that might be much worse than the supposed global warming that we're halting by using them--which is making me laugh out loud as I type those words.

That Newfangled Light Bulb - New York Times:

Unlike traditional light bulbs, each of these spiral bulbs has a tiny bit of a dangerous toxin — around five milligrams of mercury. And although one dot of mercury might not seem so bad, almost 300 million compact fluorescents were sold in the United States last year. That is already a lot of mercury to throw in the trash, and the amounts will grow ever larger in coming years.

Consensus: "Teach AGW to our children, damn it!"

GalileoWith all the numerous problems permeating the theory of AGW (including the bitter ass cold we're experiencing worldwide this winter), I can't believe this is happening. It's California? Oh, I can believe it now...

San Jose Mercury News - Bill would require California's science curriculum to cover climate change:

Some say the science on global warming isn't clear, while others worry the bill would inject environmental propaganda into classrooms.
I hope they also cover other historical examples of the actions of "consensus" zealots, such as those in the consensus who nearly killed Galileo for daring to say that the Earth was NOT the center of the Universe. He had to actually denounce what he had written to keep from being labeled a heretic, and all of this sounds remarkably close to the persecution deniers like myself face today.

Ice between Canada and Greenland highest in 15 years!

GreenlandI can't stop laughing. It's really hilarious. This is in the news (coming from the source) but it's being summarily IGNORED. What's the matter AGW-psychos? Has your scam been exposed? Kudos to Newsbusters for the heads-up!

Kuldebreak i Vestgrønland:

The ice between Canada and southwestern Greenland has reached its highest level in 15 years.

Minus 30 degrees Celsius. That's how cold it's been in large parts of western Greenland where the population has been bundling up in hats and scarves. At the same time, Denmark's Meteorological Institute states that the ice between Canada and southwest Greenland right now has reached its greatest extent in 15 years.

You're asking, where's the AGW disclaimer? Hold on to your seats...I just fell off of mine laughing:
But how do these new reports fit in with continual reports that ice in the Arctic Ocean has been melting at a record rate due to increasing temperatures? And isn't global warming at the top of the political agenda these years?
But wait, I thought global warming had NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS? I THOUGHT IT WAS ALL SCIENCE!
[T]here is not anything inherently contradictory that extreme cold is replaced by higher temperatures than average. Or that melting sea ice occasionally is replaced by expanding ice sheets.

'Weather is a phenomenon which changes from year to year and right now the atmosphere has changed so we have cold weather. That will certainly mean that melting ice in the North Pole will be less this year, but next year the situation can look completely different,' according to Henriksen.

To sum things up, global warming hasn't been called off. In the meanwhile, western Greenlanders will have to accept that the cold weather continues for some time.

You have to understand that they can't let this go; too many professional reputations hang in the balance and too many gloom-and-doom news stories have been written to profess our coming peril. Notice when it's really cold, excessively snowy, or demonstrating some other empirical evidence that is antithetical to AGW, "the experts" say we're only in a temporary hiatus from global warming--it will PROBABLY be back next year. Meanwhile, if we have a severe tornado outbreak or a really bad hurricane, they IMMEDIATELY say it's proof of manmade climate change. Surely, the simplest of idiots can see through this hypocrisy and chicanery. If empirical evidence can mean one thing, surely the opposite of it can mean another!

Again, there's no solution good enough

Pike Fish

See what I mean? No matter what we do, it won't be good enough to reverse the "damage" we're causing due to our evil usage of fossil fuels. Even if we can make this solution cheap enough, we might inadvertently chop up fish! Notice the word FEAR, which is a common theme in global warming advocacy.

The Associated Press: Oceans Eyed As New Energy Source:

Because the technology is still taking shape, it is too soon to say how much it might cost. But researchers hope to make it as cost-effective as fossil fuels. While the initial investment may be higher, the currents that drive the machinery are free.

There are still many unknowns and risks. One fear is the "Cuisinart effect": The spinning underwater blades could chop up fish and other creatures.

GASP!: We're impacting the oceans

The title of the article seems innocuous enough, until you read about midway...

The Associated Press: Study Says People Impact All Oceans:

However, the researchers said it is likely that human activities will affect polar regions more and more as climate change warms those areas.
Meanwhile, it sure is freakin' cold here today. Notice the use of "climate change" and not "global warming" which is doing the warming.

Chinese weather forecasting or indoctrination?

Perhaps it's not their weather forecasting that's the problem. Maybe it's that all the foreign news agencies have been shoving the impossibility of this winter down their throats, which is still happening. No matter what the media tells you, this has been A RECORD SETTING WINTER in many parts of the world.

AFP: China weather forecasters 10 years behind foreigners: report:

BEIJING (AFP) — China's meteorologists have admitted being 10 years behind world standards, a report said Friday, after a surprise spell of freezing winter weather paralysed the country and killed more than 100 people.
Of course it's SURPRISING. It should be impossible to have such cold with the Earth melting and all due to our greenhouse gases.

Land sinking or sea rising?

Add to the list another disaster that AGW is "causing"; oh, AGW is causing the MS delta to sink rapidly (or the sea to rise rapidly) has nothing to do with the fact that much of New Orleans was built on freakin' swamp land. It has also been sinking for decades; it's not rising water that's reclaiming this's the land itself, idiots.

AFP: Rapid sinking of Mississippi Delta only skin deep: study:

The findings have implications for delta regions around the world -- home to tens of millions of people -- already threatened by rising sea levels caused by global warming, the researchers told AFP.
Later the author admits:
Some parts of New Orleans, he said, had sunk more than two meters in five or six decades, caused in large measure by artificial drainage.
Interesting. So either the land is sinking because of artificial drainage or the sea is rising (because of AGW). Which is it, schmiberal? The author here is saying BOTH, but he couldn't resist tying global warming to that which has been going on for years.

Next, one must admit the obvious. We have been WARMING since the last Little Ice Age, and as a result...the SEA LEVELS HAVE BEEN RISING! This is so elementary it would be laughable, except that these zealots are serious about getting you to buy into this farce.

Alaskan avalanches

The North and South Poles may be melting, but there's still enough snow and cold this winter in Alaska and elsewhere to kill your ass. | Alaska's news and information source | Authorities name two snowmobilers killed in Alaska avalanche:

There have been at least 32 avalanche deaths in the Western U.S. since Dec. 2. Friday's deaths were the first this year in Alaska.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Canadian scientists worry about "global cooling"

Yep, you read that right...if this happens, I will laugh my butt off! Of course, these scientists just guaranteed their own denigration. Editorials, Political Cartoons, and Polls from Investor's Business Daily -- The Sun Also Sets:

Climate Change: Not every scientist is part of Al Gore's mythical "consensus." Scientists worried about a new ice age seek funding to better observe something bigger than your SUV — the sun.

To many, those data were convincing. Now, Canadian scientists are seeking additional funding for more and better "eyes" with which to observe our sun, which has a bigger impact on Earth's climate than all the tailpipes and smokestacks on our planet combined.

And they're worried about global cooling, not warming.

Kenneth Tapping, a solar researcher and project director for Canada's National Research Council, is among those looking at the sun for evidence of an increase in sunspot activity.

Solar activity fluctuates in an 11-year cycle. But so far in this cycle, the sun has been disturbingly quiet. The lack of increased activity could signal the beginning of what is known as a Maunder Minimum, an event which occurs every couple of centuries and can last as long as a century.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Boy it's hot here...let's head to the stars!

SaturnABC: Global Warming to Force Humans to Flee Destroyed Earth? |

"Good Morning America" weatherman and resident environmental alarmist Sam Champion wondered on Friday if global warming could cause "the ultimate climate disaster" and force humanity to abandon Earth and live in space.
LOL! Of course, warmaholics are already living in outer space--that's where their brains are! I've got an idea, all you believers in the cause should buy some of Richard Branson's space flights, launch yourselves into orbit, and stay there. That way us normal-everyday-folk can stay here and continue to enjoy the fruits of the Earth.

When will these fruitcakes learn that they've overplayed their "disaster hand" a bit too much??

Deny global warming? Go to jail!

I've got news for you. If you believe in global warming then you should be committed to an insane asylum, because you're nuts. You should go there for IGNORING THE SCIENCE THAT DISPROVES MANMADE WARMING.

This is what I mean about these zealots who have converted to the religion of AGW; there's no toleration for debate. They don't want you to debate them...they just want you to shut up and march smartly along with the rest of their zombies. They'll try to shut you up by calling you names ("denier") and threatening you (with jail, death, taxes, and a whole host of other nasties).

Jail politicians who ignore climate science: Suzuki:

David Suzuki has called for political leaders to be thrown in jail for ignoring the science behind climate change.

Green economics age?

Yep, it's upon us because the politicians (and the scientists who've betrayed their duty to remain politically independent) are ramming it down our throats.

What does this mean? Ban's really saying that the time for capitalist extravagance is over; it's time for some good ol' fashioned socialism! "Green economics" = socialism. Green is the new Red of this century.

Age of green economics is upon us: U.N. | Reuters:

CHICAGO (Reuters) - U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Thursday the world is on the cusp of "the age of green economics" and called on nations to cooperate to fight global warming and promote the transformation.

"With the right financial incentives and a global framework, we can steer economic growth in a low-carbon direction," Ban said in remarks prepared for delivery to a Chicago business group.

Warming is being masked by cooling?

What you've got to understand is how much these idiots around the world have invested in this idea that we meek little humans are breathing, pooting, and burning our way to a literal hell on Earth. They can't afford to be wrong, folks. If they're wrong, what do you think happens to their prestigious careers and reputations? They're shot.

That's why so many scientists (including many that signed the original IPCC document) have turned against the idea that we're causing warming, but you'll notice the media is not giving them a voice.

Here we see how advocate scientists are going to try and explain why we're not really warming. It's because the cooling is masking the warming. Perfect. They've got it all figured out.

I've got some news for you, idiots; the TROPICS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WARM, AND THE ARTIC HAS ALWAYS BEEN COLD. I can't believe this house of cards that is manmade climate change hasn't yet fallen.

Environment Blog Posts powered by BlogBurst |

Scientists at the University of Liverpool have found that natural variability in the earth’s atmosphere could be masking the overall effect of global warming in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Scientists have said that surface temperatures around the globe have risen over the last 30 years in accord with global warming. New data, however, shows that heat stored in the North Atlantic Ocean has a more complex pattern than initially expected, suggesting that natural changes in the atmosphere also play a role.

A coalition of researchers at the University of Liverpool and Duke University analyzed 50 years of North Atlantic temperature records and used computer models to assess how the warming and cooling pattern was controlled. They found that the tropics and mid-latitudes have warmed, while the sub-polar regions have cooled.

A "brief" arctic blast

A brief arctic blast - Yahoo! News

Starting to see the pattern of brainwashing yet? We keep getting wave after wave of cold winter storms slashing across the country, but the media just keeps saying it will be "brief." Pay no attention to the cold, sheep; there's still global warming, especially once it gets hot again this summer...then they'll really pick up the warming story pace.

Ethanol increasing, not helping, warming?

LOL! You've got to love it. Here's the scoop...there's no solution folks. We can't turn to nuclear power, ethanol, more oil, wind power, etc. to drive our economic energy needs. All of those are either worse than the oft vilified carbon gases or not efficient enough. The only solution to this nonexistent warming is for you to elect socialists who will save us from ourselves and our greedy capitalist ways. - Plainview Daily Herald:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The widespread use of ethanol from corn could result in nearly twice the greenhouse gas emissions as the gasoline it would replace because of expected land-use changes, researchers concluded Thursday. The study challenges the rush to biofuels as a response to global warming.
P.S. Before you decide you hate carbon so much, please remember that, apart from water, it's an abundant, necessary ingredient inside your body. It's a necessary commodity for our atmosphere (to supply plants with nourishment and to keep our asses from freezing to death).

Also, remember that the bigger greenhouse gases (those that are far more abundant in our atmosphere) are water vapor and methane. No one ever talks about these gases, but if you believe that greenhouse gases heat up the earth to the point of killing us all, then you need to point a finger at those which are present in far greater quantities than the CO2 we're giving off because of modern life.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sen. Kerry Blames Tornados on Global Warming

Okay, you just have to read this stupid BS. Even though the last two hurricane seasons have not been harbingers of manmade warming (as predicted by fruitcakes like Al Gore-Christ), John Kerry is proving here why he wasn't elected as president...because he's just a big goober with no brain. Here he is trying to tie a recent weather event (tornado outbreak) to global warming, which is what AGW advocates do every time a weather disaster strikes, unless, of course, it's a winter weather disaster.
But...sometimes they try to say that even harsh winter weather proves "climate change"...the words "global warming" are left out in that case.

I've had this discussion before with folks. Here's the problem with trying to pin severe thunderstorms and tornados on global warming. A warm air mass is only half the story; it the warm air mass from the equator region doesn't mix with a cold air mass from the arctic region and create a strong temperature gradient, there's no severe weather. Of course, the media (and their Democrat politicians) focus only on the warm part of that equation.

Sen. Kerry Blames Tornados on Global Warming:

[I] don’t want to sort of leap into the larger meaning of, you know, inappropriately, but on the other hand, the weather service has told us we are going to have more and more intense storms,” Kerry said. “And insurance companies are beginning to look at this issue and understand this is related to the intensity of storms that is related to the warming of the earth. And so it goes to global warming and larger issues that we’re not paying attention to. The fact is the hurricanes are more intensive, the storms are more intensive and the rainfall is more intense at certain places at certain times and the weather patterns have changed.”
But we've got harsh winter weather all over the globe this year, doofus-brain. What about that in your global warming spiel?

Ignore that man behind the curtain!

I'm almost giggling as I read this. Hey all you deniers out there, ignore the empirical evidence of day-to-day weather, unless we tell you the day-to-day weather means there's global warming! You stupid putz global warming cultists can't have it both ways! If it's hot outside, it proves there's global warming; but if it's cold outside, that doesn't mean there's not global warming. Give me a break!

Never mind that it has been 10 YEARS SINCE THE SO-CALLED "WARMEST YEAR ON RECORD!"

World warming despite cool Pacific and Baghdad snow| Environment| Reuters

OSLO (Reuters) - Climate change is still nudging up temperatures in the long term even though the warmest year was back in 1998 and 2008 has begun with unusual weather such as a cool Pacific and Baghdad's first snow in memory, experts said.

"Global warming has not stopped," said Amir Delju, senior scientific coordinator of the World Meteorological Organization's (WMO) climate program.

Yeah, global warming hasn't stopped for the scientists who need the grant money to keep coming in; the only way it keeps coming is if the end of the world continues to be upon us. All hail the mighty Gore-Christ and his zombie pseudo-scientists.

GASP!: Arctic Ice Fields 'Receding Like Mad'

Dscn1539Media warming scare number 1,287,503 and counting...they're not just receding...THEY'RE RECEDING LIKE MAD! GASP! - Researcher: Arctic Ice Fields 'Receding Like Mad':

"Even with no additional warming, our study indicates these ice caps will be gone in 50 years or less," said study researcher Gifford Miller of the University of Colorado, Boulder's Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research.
Don't get too sad; later we read:
Baffin's ice caps, which are domes of ice too small to be labeled ice sheets as those on Greenland are, span just four miles (about six kilometers) long.

What makes the ice fields such great study sites is the fact that they are very thin, generally less than 300 feet (91 meters) thick, and they're very cold, so they don't flow and erode the landscape beneath as most glaciers do.

Winter deaths and London's cursed patio heaters!

Before you liberals get excited, this article was written by the AP...not Fox News. - Snowstorm Cripples Nation's Midsection, Causes 40-Car Pileup, Leaves 4 Dead:

LUBBOCK, Texas — Yet another storm swept across the central United States, burying areas still recovering from an earlier wave of severe weather, tying up air travel and killing at least four people. A 40-car pileup on Interstate 40 in northern Texas that killed at least one person was caused by blowing snow that limited visibility and left icy patches Thursday, said Wayne Beighle, a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper.

The storm has been blamed for at least three other deaths: two in Texas and one in Oklahoma.

And in other news, the fruitcakes want to stop you cold London patrons from regaling in warmth; hey your warmth is causing warmth!

Patio heaters targeted in Europe's climate fight| Environment| Reuters:

LONDON (Reuters) - The patio heaters warming drinkers and diners on the pavements of northern Europe are also warming the planet's climate and should be banned, according to a European Parliament report that could be adopted on Thursday.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New York Times Blogger turns against AGW religion

The AGW cult takes another hit, as a liberal scientist turns on the garbage religion that is manmade climate change. Folks, before the last so-called "Little Ice Age," there was a brief period of warming called "The Little Climate Optimum." During this time, disease rates were reduced because swamps were drying up; southern England actually had vineyards that were rivaling those in France. Then the freakin' cold came, hung around for a lot longer, and brought disease and misery with it.
Listen here to the TierneyLab at the NYT (a liberal news rag).

Global-Warming Jujitsu - TierneyLab - Science - New York Times Blog:

Dr. Goklany’s summary of what different policies can accomplish:

Halting climate change would reduce cumulative mortality from various climate-sensitive threats, namely, hunger, malaria, and coastal flooding, by 4–10 percent in 2085, while increasing populations at risk from water stress and possibly worsening matters for biodiversity. But according to cost information from the U.N. Millennium Program and the I.P.C.C., measures focused specifically on reducing vulnerability to these threats would reduce cumulative mortality from these risks by 50–75 percent at a fraction of the cost of reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs). Simultaneously, such measures would reduce major hurdles to the developing world’s sustainable economic development, the lack of which is why it is most vulnerable to climate change.

To summarize, the costs of helping develop the world and dealing with the consequences of warming (if there really is any warming) are FAR CHEAPER to mankind than attempting some idiotic, expensive shenanigans that will do little to nothing.

Even liberals are beginning to smell a rat and grow restless. The Gore-Christ had better hurry and get his paid speaking engagements in before the well "INCONVENIENTLY" dries up!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Winter continues unabated, even with "warming"

The poles may be melting into oblivion, but apparently locales nearer to the equator aren't so lucky. It's cold enough to kill and strand people all over the world.

My Way News - Storm Makes Drivers Slip, Fliers Wait:

Winter storms at both ends of the country dumped snow and snarled air and land travel Friday, killing at least 10 people, blocking major highways and even stranding 400 train passengers in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Nearly 7 1/2 inches of snow was reported at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport before the front moved out of the area Friday. About 500 flights were canceled at O'Hare, which canceled 600 flights Thursday and housed hundreds of stranded travelers who spent the night awaiting planes from other cities also affected by the storm.

At least 12 inches of snow was reported in Springfield by Friday morning, said National Weather Service meteorologist Gino Izzi. Other parts of Illinois saw similar amounts.

"If you don't have to be out here, don't," Ty Wilson, a very wet Chicago bicycle messenger, said as he stopped along a slushy street between morning deliveries. - Rare Tokyo snow strands 10,000 at Narita airport:
A rare snowfall in Tokyo left nearly 10,000 passengers stranded overnight at Narita airport after about 50 international flights were cancelled, the airport authority said Sunday.

Science shows fallacy of global warming hysteria

A friend passed along this very interesting op-ed piece originally published in The Colorado Springs Gazette in December 2007. It's written by Andres Pico, a retired naval flight officer with more than three decades of experience in applying atmospheric and space weather forecasts to land, air, sea and space-based surveillance and communications systems operations.

Here's just a taste:

In science, correlation is not causation. Sunspot records, measuring both the number of sunspots and cycle length, do correlate with climate fluctuations on Earth. Correlation does support the validation of theories and the failure of correlation, as in CO2 and temperature records, does serve to invalidate a hypothesis.

The recent work on cosmic rays triggering cloud formation is just one example of a hypothesis which is still being developed and the theory does potentially explain almost all of the climate shifts being debated.

When looking over longer periods of time, such as several thousand years, the rise in CO2 always lags warming trends by several hundred years rather than leading warming trends as it must if CO2 is the cause of warming rather than rising CO2 actually being the result of warming, which it is.

Slick Willy: Slow down economy to fight AGW

ClintonBill Clinton stepped in global warming stupidity at a recent campaign speech in CO.

Political Punch:

"And maybe America, and Europe, and Japan, and Canada -- the rich counties -- would say, 'OK, we just have to slow down our economy and cut back our greenhouse gas emissions 'cause we have to save the planet for our grandchildren.' We could do that.
This political theme is seen over and over again in the arguments from proponents of AGW: we've got to act now; we've got to save the planet for our grandchildren; we need more government resources (i.e., taxes from you) to fight AGW. You see these themes all the time from politicians who claim this "scientifically sound" policy isn't about politics--it's about saving the planet from you--the ignorant capitalist sheep who've caused all of this. They bitch at you, but they don't want to do anything themselves, so they buy "carbon credits" from companies they own, which is about the stupidest bull crap I've ever seen. If any of you are falling for these shenanigans then you're a dolt.

And these power-seeking politicians claim that scientists, not themselves, are driving the governments of the world to do something about AGW. Except that these particular scientists (those thoroughly onboard with the religion of global warming) need some of your tax dollars in the form of government research grants to make sure that they can remain healthy capitalists (shhhh!). The large number of scientists who denounce the theory of AGW, including some of those originally on the UN's IPCC, are denigrated and called oil company sycophants.

Problem is that there is no problem; the problem is a fart in the wind, literally and figuratively. Those who have power want only one thing more than power--to retain and grow their power. If you're scared that our greenhouse gas emissions are rapidly destroying the planet, you'll need to put them in charge of doing something about it. Then they'll need more revenue to do something about it. Voila! Power consolidation at its sneakiest.

There are mega-problems with the theory of manmade global warming. Dig around and you'll find all you can handle, and it's scientific evidence--not empirical evidence, which is what the news media shoves down your throat all the time. If it's "unusually warm" (whatever that is) the media either blatantly says or clandestinely implies it's manmade global warming; if it's "unusually cold," (again, huh?) they tell you it's driven by manmade climate change (aka global warming). If we have a strong hurricane season, they say we did it with our greenhouse gases; oops...except the hurricane seasons haven't cooperated for the past two years...sorry Gore-Christ, guess you'll need to edit your Oscar-winning movie.