Friday, February 8, 2008

Warming is being masked by cooling?

What you've got to understand is how much these idiots around the world have invested in this idea that we meek little humans are breathing, pooting, and burning our way to a literal hell on Earth. They can't afford to be wrong, folks. If they're wrong, what do you think happens to their prestigious careers and reputations? They're shot.

That's why so many scientists (including many that signed the original IPCC document) have turned against the idea that we're causing warming, but you'll notice the media is not giving them a voice.

Here we see how advocate scientists are going to try and explain why we're not really warming. It's because the cooling is masking the warming. Perfect. They've got it all figured out.

I've got some news for you, idiots; the TROPICS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WARM, AND THE ARTIC HAS ALWAYS BEEN COLD. I can't believe this house of cards that is manmade climate change hasn't yet fallen.

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Scientists at the University of Liverpool have found that natural variability in the earth’s atmosphere could be masking the overall effect of global warming in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Scientists have said that surface temperatures around the globe have risen over the last 30 years in accord with global warming. New data, however, shows that heat stored in the North Atlantic Ocean has a more complex pattern than initially expected, suggesting that natural changes in the atmosphere also play a role.

A coalition of researchers at the University of Liverpool and Duke University analyzed 50 years of North Atlantic temperature records and used computer models to assess how the warming and cooling pattern was controlled. They found that the tropics and mid-latitudes have warmed, while the sub-polar regions have cooled.

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