Saturday, February 23, 2008

AGW is degrading the icy Southern Ocean?

Latest round of baloney, where activist reporters find ways to sneak in the words "global warming." There are a few problems, however. First, AGW is supposed to be extinguishing species--not making it possible to discover new ones. Secondly, wouldn't "degradation" (meaning "melting ice in Antarctica") make it possible to discover more of what's living there? Or would it be destroying the habitat of these new creatures, and by proxy, exterminating them?

Come on, people of the Earth. Think. Use your brains. Don't just give in to these propagandists!

AFP: Antarctic census set to reveal new species: scientists:

Researchers from the Australian, French and Japanese venture designed to complete a census of marine life in the icy Southern Ocean before it is degraded by global warming, have brought thousands of specimens back.

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