Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New York Times Blogger turns against AGW religion

The AGW cult takes another hit, as a liberal scientist turns on the garbage religion that is manmade climate change. Folks, before the last so-called "Little Ice Age," there was a brief period of warming called "The Little Climate Optimum." During this time, disease rates were reduced because swamps were drying up; southern England actually had vineyards that were rivaling those in France. Then the freakin' cold came, hung around for a lot longer, and brought disease and misery with it.
Listen here to the TierneyLab at the NYT (a liberal news rag).

Global-Warming Jujitsu - TierneyLab - Science - New York Times Blog:

Dr. Goklany’s summary of what different policies can accomplish:

Halting climate change would reduce cumulative mortality from various climate-sensitive threats, namely, hunger, malaria, and coastal flooding, by 4–10 percent in 2085, while increasing populations at risk from water stress and possibly worsening matters for biodiversity. But according to cost information from the U.N. Millennium Program and the I.P.C.C., measures focused specifically on reducing vulnerability to these threats would reduce cumulative mortality from these risks by 50–75 percent at a fraction of the cost of reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs). Simultaneously, such measures would reduce major hurdles to the developing world’s sustainable economic development, the lack of which is why it is most vulnerable to climate change.

To summarize, the costs of helping develop the world and dealing with the consequences of warming (if there really is any warming) are FAR CHEAPER to mankind than attempting some idiotic, expensive shenanigans that will do little to nothing.

Even liberals are beginning to smell a rat and grow restless. The Gore-Christ had better hurry and get his paid speaking engagements in before the well "INCONVENIENTLY" dries up!

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