Monday, February 18, 2008

Indian cold caused by global warming??!!

Cold wave in India attributed to global warming -

Mumbai: The recent cold wave sweeping across Mumbai and other parts of India could be attributed to global warming, experts said on Tuesday here at an environmental conference.

Addressing the ‘Combat Global Warming’ conference at the Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC) here, former Union minister for power and environment Suresh Prabhu said global warming was primarily a problem created and induced by human beings.

He said the increase in emission of green house gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and methane had resulted in the situation, which could prove catastrophic if unchecked.

Surely even the scientists involved with global warming are being embarrassed by now with all of this empirical evidence hypocrisy and nonsense flying around in the news. How can cold be proof of global warming while warmth is also proof of global warming???!!!

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