Monday, February 18, 2008

Ice between Canada and Greenland highest in 15 years!

GreenlandI can't stop laughing. It's really hilarious. This is in the news (coming from the source) but it's being summarily IGNORED. What's the matter AGW-psychos? Has your scam been exposed? Kudos to Newsbusters for the heads-up!

Kuldebreak i Vestgrønland:

The ice between Canada and southwestern Greenland has reached its highest level in 15 years.

Minus 30 degrees Celsius. That's how cold it's been in large parts of western Greenland where the population has been bundling up in hats and scarves. At the same time, Denmark's Meteorological Institute states that the ice between Canada and southwest Greenland right now has reached its greatest extent in 15 years.

You're asking, where's the AGW disclaimer? Hold on to your seats...I just fell off of mine laughing:
But how do these new reports fit in with continual reports that ice in the Arctic Ocean has been melting at a record rate due to increasing temperatures? And isn't global warming at the top of the political agenda these years?
But wait, I thought global warming had NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS? I THOUGHT IT WAS ALL SCIENCE!
[T]here is not anything inherently contradictory that extreme cold is replaced by higher temperatures than average. Or that melting sea ice occasionally is replaced by expanding ice sheets.

'Weather is a phenomenon which changes from year to year and right now the atmosphere has changed so we have cold weather. That will certainly mean that melting ice in the North Pole will be less this year, but next year the situation can look completely different,' according to Henriksen.

To sum things up, global warming hasn't been called off. In the meanwhile, western Greenlanders will have to accept that the cold weather continues for some time.

You have to understand that they can't let this go; too many professional reputations hang in the balance and too many gloom-and-doom news stories have been written to profess our coming peril. Notice when it's really cold, excessively snowy, or demonstrating some other empirical evidence that is antithetical to AGW, "the experts" say we're only in a temporary hiatus from global warming--it will PROBABLY be back next year. Meanwhile, if we have a severe tornado outbreak or a really bad hurricane, they IMMEDIATELY say it's proof of manmade climate change. Surely, the simplest of idiots can see through this hypocrisy and chicanery. If empirical evidence can mean one thing, surely the opposite of it can mean another!

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