Monday, February 18, 2008

The retarded liberal light bulb

505749Seems even lefty-enviro-psychos are turning against this ugly little gem, even though IT'S GOING TO SAVE ALL OF HUMANITY...LOL! See? Like I said, there's no solution to AGW. Even our new earth-saving light bulbs have a disadvantage that might be much worse than the supposed global warming that we're halting by using them--which is making me laugh out loud as I type those words.

That Newfangled Light Bulb - New York Times:

Unlike traditional light bulbs, each of these spiral bulbs has a tiny bit of a dangerous toxin — around five milligrams of mercury. And although one dot of mercury might not seem so bad, almost 300 million compact fluorescents were sold in the United States last year. That is already a lot of mercury to throw in the trash, and the amounts will grow ever larger in coming years.

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