Friday, February 8, 2008

Ethanol increasing, not helping, warming?

LOL! You've got to love it. Here's the scoop...there's no solution folks. We can't turn to nuclear power, ethanol, more oil, wind power, etc. to drive our economic energy needs. All of those are either worse than the oft vilified carbon gases or not efficient enough. The only solution to this nonexistent warming is for you to elect socialists who will save us from ourselves and our greedy capitalist ways. - Plainview Daily Herald:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The widespread use of ethanol from corn could result in nearly twice the greenhouse gas emissions as the gasoline it would replace because of expected land-use changes, researchers concluded Thursday. The study challenges the rush to biofuels as a response to global warming.
P.S. Before you decide you hate carbon so much, please remember that, apart from water, it's an abundant, necessary ingredient inside your body. It's a necessary commodity for our atmosphere (to supply plants with nourishment and to keep our asses from freezing to death).

Also, remember that the bigger greenhouse gases (those that are far more abundant in our atmosphere) are water vapor and methane. No one ever talks about these gases, but if you believe that greenhouse gases heat up the earth to the point of killing us all, then you need to point a finger at those which are present in far greater quantities than the CO2 we're giving off because of modern life.

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