Monday, February 18, 2008

Land sinking or sea rising?

Add to the list another disaster that AGW is "causing"; oh, AGW is causing the MS delta to sink rapidly (or the sea to rise rapidly) has nothing to do with the fact that much of New Orleans was built on freakin' swamp land. It has also been sinking for decades; it's not rising water that's reclaiming this's the land itself, idiots.

AFP: Rapid sinking of Mississippi Delta only skin deep: study:

The findings have implications for delta regions around the world -- home to tens of millions of people -- already threatened by rising sea levels caused by global warming, the researchers told AFP.
Later the author admits:
Some parts of New Orleans, he said, had sunk more than two meters in five or six decades, caused in large measure by artificial drainage.
Interesting. So either the land is sinking because of artificial drainage or the sea is rising (because of AGW). Which is it, schmiberal? The author here is saying BOTH, but he couldn't resist tying global warming to that which has been going on for years.

Next, one must admit the obvious. We have been WARMING since the last Little Ice Age, and as a result...the SEA LEVELS HAVE BEEN RISING! This is so elementary it would be laughable, except that these zealots are serious about getting you to buy into this farce.

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