Thursday, February 7, 2008

GASP!: Arctic Ice Fields 'Receding Like Mad'

Dscn1539Media warming scare number 1,287,503 and counting...they're not just receding...THEY'RE RECEDING LIKE MAD! GASP! - Researcher: Arctic Ice Fields 'Receding Like Mad':

"Even with no additional warming, our study indicates these ice caps will be gone in 50 years or less," said study researcher Gifford Miller of the University of Colorado, Boulder's Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research.
Don't get too sad; later we read:
Baffin's ice caps, which are domes of ice too small to be labeled ice sheets as those on Greenland are, span just four miles (about six kilometers) long.

What makes the ice fields such great study sites is the fact that they are very thin, generally less than 300 feet (91 meters) thick, and they're very cold, so they don't flow and erode the landscape beneath as most glaciers do.

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