Monday, June 30, 2008

Junk Science: NASA prophet trips over facts, falls on face

Steven Milloy of does his usual good job of poking holes in the hyperbole of AGW believers, but particularly against our old non-friend, Dr. James Hansen—the chief climate soothsayer who prophesied twenty years ago while testifying before the U.S. Senate that our destruction at the hands of CO2 would take twenty years! Here we are twenty years later...still here, with the global mean temperature continuing its downward trend as CO2 continues rising (still in minute proportions compared to water and methane).

Before you decide to give Hansen his props as some unassailable, incorruptible climate scientist, you should check out these links at the U.S. Senate Committee for Environment and Public Works (currently the minority page). There is a ton of information here about Hansen, including his financial ties to benefactor, George Soros. Isn't that cute? We hear incessantly that climate scientists who debunk global warming are in the pockets of "big oil," and yet here is an example where the "Father of Global Warming" (yes, weird that honor is not reserved for Al Gore) is in the pocket of one of the wealthiest liberal elites to ever walk the ever-cooling Earth.

As an added bonus, John McCain is showing that he’s Obama’s equal on climate stupidity. OR maybe he believes that the American public has been so brainwashed that he has no choice politically but to get on-board with the insanity. It might be a smart political move, but it’s ultimately bad for America.

Look folks, there may be a future in America without oil, but in the near term, oil will be required to continue driving our economy. There’s currently no energy source that is as efficient and as safe as petrol, though some arguments could be made for nuclear energy.

With Y2K, millions were spent to head-off a problem that never occurred. People everywhere panicked and hoarded food, fuel, medicine, and so on, preparing for the coming apocalypse. Proponents would say that spending those millions prevented the disaster, but I’m not certain that’s the case—there was no real way to be completely prepared.

Now, we’re poised to spend trillions in hopes of reducing CO2 emissions, and I contend that it won’t make much of a difference. Wait and see, sheep. The Earth will not succumb to disaster at our hands, and the alarmists will be able to shout that their enacted, expensive solutions made the difference! That’s why they need to sustain the pipe-dream until some sort of large government action is taken; then they can claim their actions led to success. Wait and see, sheep, wait and see. One can almost read this boondoggle like a cheap novel.

Junk Science: Where's McCain’s 'Fuel Cell Express'?

NASA’s James Hansen tried this week to surf the 20th anniversary of his famous congressional testimony that launched global warming hysteria. Apparently not wanting to be left out of the green hoopla, John McCain tried to catch Hansen’s wave.

Both wiped out with embarrassing proposals.

You might have thought that Hansen’s main talking point this week would have been, "See, I was right." But, of course, he wasn’t, so he couldn’t take any credit.

With 20 years of real-life data to compare against Hansen’s 1988 predictions, it’s clear that reality has way underperformed on his fantasy of carbon-dioxide-stoked warming.

No doubt this is in large part due to Hansen’s yet-to-be-validated assumption that manmade CO2 emissions drive global climate in a meaningful way.

Hansen has been so far off the mark in forecasting global warming that he seems to have forsaken it altogether in favor of simply declaring that atmospheric CO2 levels must be reduced from the current level of about 380 parts per million to less than 350 ppm "to preserve creation, the planet on which civilization developed."

But there is no scientific analysis to support 350 ppm or any other specific target as the preferred level of atmospheric CO2; moreover, 350 ppm also is not something likely to happen in our lifetimes no matter what we do.


Bereft of science, Hansen was left to do what he does best — act the drama queen, as he did in 2006 when he likened the Bush administration to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union for reviewing his public presentations before he made them.


Earlier this week, as part of his proposal that taxpayers award $300 million to the developer of the next generation auto battery that would leapfrog hybrid and electric car technology, McCain also proposed that auto manufacturers be given a $5,000 tax credit for every zero-emissions vehicle they sell.

But when you do the math, McCain’s proposal turns out to be little more than a taxpayer rip-off in favor of ZEV makers

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Global warming stupidity backfiring

...or maybe it isn't, if one's goal is to cause and sustain an economic recession. After all, Bill Clinton said the economy needed to be slowed to fight global warming . So, here we go! We're already seeing the results of what will happen to capitalism as this stupid cult movement becomes entrenched in the psyches of sheep worldwide, and those sheep hand over power to the "government" to save them from doom. When we let the liberals run our lives for us and "save us from doom," we're frickin' doomed. Get ready to enjoy a proletarian lifestyle!

Tax means fewer travellers at main Dutch airport: report:

Some 50,000 fewer passengers are expected to use Amsterdam Schiphol airport, one of Europe's busiest, this summer on account of a Dutch environmental tax on flights, it was reported Saturday.

"We're expected zero growth in 2008, and in fact a decrease (in passenger numbers) in July and August," an airport spokesman was quoted as saying by the domestic ANP news agency.

The Netherlands is the only country that levies an environmental tax on flights departing the country -- 11.25 euros per passenger (17.75 dollars) for European destinations and 45 euros for intercontential points.

With higher fuel prices pushing up air fares worldwide, travel industry experts say the tax will hurt business at Schiphol and see many Dutch travellers go to nearby German airports instead.

GASP! Swim to the North Pole this summer!

SwimmerI’m wondering if any of the sheep out there are digging into the guts of this article and exposing the stupidity of it, instead of just accepting the media’s incessant Chicken Little routine. When I first saw this article, I said, “really?” Then as I began to read it, I realized it was more of the same drivel we’ve been seeing for years on "manmade" climate change, though the hysteria level is definitely being stretched to new heights.

First of all, melting ice? I’ve covered that subject here on quite a few occasions.

Why are the histrionics of alarmists reaching epic proportions? Because they’re losing the programming battle. The battle to indoctrinate the masses into believing there’s manmade global warming is becoming Custer’s fiasco at Little Big Horn, and deniers like me are the stubborn Native Americans. So the claims become more and more shrill and preposterous as time goes by. Also, look at where this newspaper is published; it’s in the U.K., and a recent poll showed just what Britons are thinking about the scam of global warming. So, the headline is designed to jolt us deniers and embolden the alarmists into screaming, “See, I told you so.” But let’s go further and fight hyperbole with cold logic.

Never mind the wheezing headline, which is so very misleading. Check the VERY FIRST SENTENCE in the article. Ice is melting at the North Pole for “THE FIRST TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY?” Really? I wonder if any layman out there can find the huge problem with this first claim before I even pour out my thoughts. If one examines the article and reads my past posts here on melting ice then one can see some of the issues, and you needn’t be a climatologist or scientist to understand. Any time a ridiculous claim like this is made by someone, one should always first ask, “What is the baseline?” By that I mean that there must be some standard or starting point by which they’re making a comparison. Statistically, there should be an average or mean level of ice over a given period, and the longer the period used for the baseline, the more accurate the assertion will be once a comparison is made. They’ve been visually “measuring” the ice at the poles since we’ve had satellites, which, as you know, have been in stationary orbit above the poles since Lucy first learned to walk upright (yes, mockery definitely intended). I posted already on the statistical stupidity of taking a 30-year period of the Earth’s 4.5 billion year history as a baseline and making stupid climate pronouncements based on that VERY, VERY SMALL period of time. Heck, it would still be a stupid comparison if we used only the years comprising human history (from the Paleolithic – 2.5 million years ago), which is a brief moment in the Earth’s total history. Using a 30-year period as a baseline would be a statistical no-no to any real scientist or statistician, unless those professionals need to KEEP the $1.7B in federal climate research grants coming in! My assertion is that polar ice has melted and reformed at least thousands of times in the history of the Earth, and I mean FAR BEFORE the Industrial Revolution.

Next, when you picture all the ice at the North Pole melting (which is implied by this article’s headline), what do you think? They did use the word “entirely,” which I take to mean ALL OF IT. I pictured that you could swim or boat literally up to the very pole—the very top of the Earth and grin up at the North Star. Or do they just mean melting in that general vicinity? Check the graphic and notice how they say that “melting ice COULD match last year’s record.” Monkeys COULD also fly out of my butt. The word "could" in these fear-mongering articles should always set off an alarm in your brain, because it also implies that it "could not" happen. Again, review some of the failed predictions on climate change we've had recently, including the dire hurricane forecasts that have failed to transpire, even though Al Gore predicted that Hurricane Katrina was directly caused by global warming; if we're still warming...where have all the hurricanes been over the past three years? Oh, I know...cyclones and hurricanes have been hitting other continents--JUST AS THEY ALWAYS HAVE!

They let slip another fact. All the ice that they alarmingly reported in previous years as having melted REFORMED LAST YEAR DURING A RECORD-SETTING WINTER! I think the reasoning is that because it’s “new ice” it will melt faster in the summer than “old ice.” So this is another “scary” prediction on climate change, and we’ve seen a lot of those predictions over the past year—most of which turned out to be CRAP! I’m now making a prediction...many or most of these manmade climate change predictions WILL ALSO TURN OUT TO BE CRAP. Let’s see what happens to the polar ice at the end of this summer and then what happens next winter, when some climatologists say the Earth will be very cold due to the masking of global warming by La Nina (another farcical assertion). Remember Galileo's opponents! They devised elaborate models to explain the movements of the heavens to counter the "denier's" theory that the Sun was the center of the known universe...not the Earth. Was the maverick correct, or was the consensus?

So, let’s say that the ice is going to melt all the way up to the North Pole at 90 degrees North latitude. Can we really say it’s the FIRST TIME EVER IN HUMAN HISTORY or that it’s even a bad thing if it does happen? Remember the Little Climate Optimum—an inconvenient truth that alarmists want you to forget. Our vast history is littered with climate changes and shifts, and all of them came BEFORE THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION.

Exclusive: No ice at the North Pole | Independent

It seems unthinkable, but for the first time in human history, ice is on course to disappear entirely from the North Pole this year.

The disappearance of the Arctic sea ice, making it possible to reach the Pole sailing in a boat through open water, would be one of the most dramatic – and worrying – examples of the impact of global warming on the planet. Scientists say the ice at 90 degrees north may well have melted away by the summer.

"From the viewpoint of science, the North Pole is just another point on the globe, but symbolically it is hugely important. There is supposed to be ice at the North Pole, not open water," said Mark Serreze of the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre in Colorado.

If it happens, it raises the prospect of the Arctic nations being able to exploit the valuable oil and mineral deposits below these a bed which have until now been impossible to extract because of the thick sea ice above.

Seasoned polar scientists believe the chances of a totally ice-free North Pole this summer are greater than 50:50 because the normally thick ice formed over many years at the Pole has been blown away and replaced by huge swathes of thinner ice formed over a single year.

This one-year ice is highly vulnerable to melting during the summer months and satellite data coming in over recent weeks shows that the rate of melting is faster than last year, when there was an all-time record loss of summer sea ice at the Arctic.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Restaurant drive-throughs cause global warming!

Fast-Food-RestaurantsThis is it folks; we are beginning to see the slippery slope of global warming solutions, from goofy light bulbs to insect-only diets. I've discussed before that manmade climate change alarmists (the media, certain politicians, and some politically-connected scientists) were employing an 'indoctrination duality'; first, using fear to inspire us to demand government action to halt global warming, and second, by unceasingly listing the "horrible" results of man's climate transgressions. The ever-growing list of nasty AGW consequences are quite funny to read; merely glancing over the lengthy page of article links will quickly illustrate to any normal, thinking person the scope of the media's ludicrous propaganda campaign. You can supplement your perusal of the 'warmlist' by reading the GASP! series here.

In reality, I should have called the media's tactics an "indoctrination trinity," because the third aspect of the their consistent misinformation crusade involves publishing imagined solutions to global warming. Really simple stuff-get rid of the causes and you have your solution to the fear and their 'education' will have worked! And it also works in reverse: If you're using the fancy new global warming dumbass light bulbs then you are helping to eliminate global warming, because old-fashioned Edison-type bulbs set the Earth ablaze.

Here, we see that restaurant drive-throughs-yes, you read that right-are helping to CAUSE nonexistent global warming, so the SOLUTION is to nix restaurant drive-throughs, a staple of American capitalism for decades. I guess the theory is that idling cars are bad, so we should probably get rid of traffic lights too. Maybe their real goal is to cut down on fatty food consumption--a liberal crusade for some time. Yes, I know you fruitcakes out there right now are yelling that it's all about increased CO2--all of these human activities increase CO2. But's not about CO2. Rising CO2 levels DO NOT MIRROR temperature levels (as originally portrayed by alarmists), because temperatures have fallen since 1998 (and fell sharply in 2007-08). Notice that all solutions to global warming-which is complete BS, by the way-involve destroying or limiting some vestige of capitalism (the fuel of capitalism is currently petrol). Don't believe me? Bill Clinton himself said we need to slow down our economy to fight global warming (looks like he's getting his wish with these ridiculous oil prices).

I've discussed this at length; the global warming cult is merely a resurgence of classic socialism in the guise of trying to nobly save the planet. When no scientific debate is allowed because Al Gore-a really smart scientist (NOT!)-proclaims the time for debate to be over, we are heading toward socialism at around Mach 4!

We can eat all the bugs we want. We can use retarded, unpleasant corkscrew light bulbs. We can try to hold our breath to emit less CO2. We can modify the diets of cows to make them fart less, or we can make PETA happy too by just refusing to eat beef. We can all ride bicycles to work. We can plant, hug, and make love to trees. We can use only three sheets of toilet paper (and make Sheryl Crow jump for liberal joy). We can use every last stalk of corn to make biofuel (to hell with those hungry, poor people). We can all avoid using airlines and definitely avoid drive-throughs. We can do whatever these "really smart people" (who know way better than you or I how to save our dumbasses) say to do. And do you know what? It still will not make a bit of difference; the Earth laughs at our pathetic, arrogant attempts to modify its climate, either by accident or on-purpose. The Earth will go on warming and cooling, long after we're extinct.

Mike Ivey: Should Madison ban the drive-through?

First it was a proposed ban on plastic bags.

Now, a member of the influential Madison Plan Commission wants to ban the restaurant drive-through -- or at least restrict the ubiquitous symbol of America's auto-centric lifestyle.

"Given the concern about all the carbon going into the atmosphere, I'm not sure we should be building more places for people to sit idling in their cars," says Eric Sundquist, who was appointed to the citizen panel by Mayor Dave Cieslewicz this spring.

GASP!: Climate change makes simple infections kill your butt!

Will it ever end? Read the other GASP! series posts and BE AFRAID! While you’re at it, please be sure to peruse the unending list of horrors attributed to manmade climate change. The media obviously just doesn’t understand that they’re destroying their own cause with the global warming doom overload; people are more savvy these days and aren’t as subject to indoctrination.

Microbial life happens to be one my areas of scientific expertise, and I’m telling you that this article is hogwash. Droughts and floods don’t make superbugs; rampant, unnecessary antibiotic use by humans makes superbugs.

BTW, droughts and floods ARE NOT NEW in the 4.5 billion year history of the Earth (watch George Carlin’s rant to discern the ridiculousness of global warming alarmism). Droughts and floods are not fueled by humans or human-released greenhouse gases; they happened before we came and will happen after we go, regardless of how sincere and caring we are while we waste our time and energy believing we can do anything to affect the Earth’s climate. We are the most arrogant animals ever to live on Earth, that’s for sure; Tyrannosaurus rex has nothing on us.

Floods and droughts make mild diseases deadly | Reuters:

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Extreme floods and droughts brought on by climate change can turn normally harmless infections into significant threats, international researchers said on Tuesday.

They said weather extremes can create conditions in which several fairly harmless diseases converge at once, creating a "one-two punch" that can devastate populations of wildlife or livestock.

Many researchers have predicted that climate changes brought on by heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions could alter traditional relationships between pathogens and their hosts, making normally benign diseases more deadly.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

McCain is an idiot

...and so is Obama. They're both idiots when it comes to global warming.

McCain bucks Bush on climate change:

Republican nominee-elect John McCain Tuesday vowed to combat global warming without sacrificing economic growth, contradicting President George W. Bush on the need for binding emissions cuts.

Unlike Bush, McCain pressed for mandatory cuts in emissions of warming gases as he spoke at a California event alongside Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who opposes the White House hopeful's call for offshore oil drilling.

McCain said lifting a federal ban on coastal drilling may not bring down sky-high fuel prices for "some years," but could have a psychological impact as the United States takes greater control over its energy future.

"Nothing is more urgent right now than regaining our energy security -- we need to get it done and get it right," the Arizona senator said.

RIP: George Carlin

You will be missed, George. Thanks for telling like it is when it comes to global warming and other environmentalist stupidity! You are a true DENIER, FLAT-EARTHER, and CLIMATE REALIST. I hereby declare George Carlin to be an honorary GLOBAL SHAM-OLOGIST!

BTW, these are the folks about whom George is talking.

(WARNING: Some adult language will be heard in the following video clip!)

George Carlin: Saving the planet is BS!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hansen: Put oil execs on trial?!

Before I go any further, let me just say that I AM IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH ANY OIL INTERESTS. The only way I’m affiliated with “big oil” is as a consumer—and a pissed off one, but that’s only because of the outrageous gas prices that everyone else is suffering through.

The punk-ass, so-called “Doctor” James Hansen of NASA is at it again. Since he tries to play it off like he’s an unassailable government representative who simply cares about the common folk, please read through my previous post on this “illustrious giant of climate science.” Notice a common thread present in the challenges of all these fear-mongering “scientists.” They all want to shut down dissent and debate, and the reasoning for turning off debate is that “there’s no time left—we have to act now!” And they’re not at all interested in the increasing federal grants to study climate change—no! Why would they care about that?

They also consistently accuse every dissenter or denier (including credentialed, respected scientists) of being “in bed with big oil,” which is just laughable. There are literally THOUSANDS of scientists out there right now who think that all this manmade climate change junk is the stupidest crap they’ve ever heard, but they’re keeping quiet because of creeps like Hansen, Gore, and Cullen. Similar to Hansen, Heidi Cullen of the Weather Channel (whose founder—John Coleman—feels global warming is utter baloney and a sham) says that all non-believing meteorologists should lose their professional credentials. Here we see that Hansen wants non-believers put on trial. Other liberal believers simply want conservative climate realists to die. Scientists who speak up are being ignored or ridiculed. It’s Galileo all over again.

Look people, even the founder of Greenpeace believes THERE IS NO MANMADE WARMING!!!

But these alarmo-fascists still believe in their pipe-dream, even though the temperatures have not risen along with CO2 levels in 10-years (if you accept their temperature baseline), and that’s with ever-increasing CO2 levels. Also, CO2 (even in its present amounts) is a minor greenhouse gas compared to the volume of water and methane in our atmosphere. The bottom line is that manmade global warming is a farce; it is a lie. This past record-setting cold, snowy, icy winter is empirical evidence that mirrors the scientific data out there; I can site empirical evidence, because the alarmists certainly do whenever there’s a summer heat wave, drought, flood, hurricane, tornado, or other natural disaster. Their partners in the media also quickly highlight ridiculous numbers of things attributed to global warming, and those incalculable stories alone are probably responsible for making a mockery of their climate cause. In short, me thinks they protest too much!

I love how they’re now saying that 10-years of cooling (from La Nina) will mask global warming! LOL! These guys all know the myth is drying up; people aren’t buying it, especially in the U.K. Alarmists and climate profiteers are panicking because we aren’t all running around like Chicken Little.

Yes, this is supposedly America—the land of freedom (including freedom of speech); you can only speak freely, however, if you agree to speak their propaganda. Otherwise, you must hush your mouth and march in lock-step, you pathetic sheep.

Put oil firm chiefs on trial, says leading climate change scientist | Guardian:

James Hansen, one of the world's leading climate scientists, will today call for the chief executives of large fossil fuel companies to be put on trial for high crimes against humanity and nature, accusing them of actively spreading doubt about global warming in the same way that tobacco companies blurred the links between smoking and cancer.

He is also considering personally targeting members of Congress who have a poor track record on climate change in the coming November elections. He will campaign to have several of them unseated. Hansen's speech to Congress on June 23 1988 is seen as a seminal moment in bringing the threat of global warming to the public's attention. At a time when most scientists were still hesitant to speak out, he said the evidence of the greenhouse gas effect was 99% certain, adding "it is time to stop waffling".

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dr. Roy Spencer releases "Climate Confusion"

Get your copy today! Hear from a REAL climate scientist (not Al Gore) on the anthropogenic global warming theory.

Climate Confusion, by Roy Spencer (Encounter Books):

"Climate Confusion"

by Roy W. Spencer, Ph.D. (released March, 2008, by Encounter Books)

Now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Britons believe global warming is poppycock

LOL! That's right...the media is "shocked" that their indoctrination and propaganda campaign does not appear to be working on most Britons. This is obviously because Britons of all stripes are intelligent and contemplative; they are able to think their way out of a paper bag, unlike American liberals who will buy into any doom-linked environmental myth fed to them at the drop of a hat.

We've seen how American liberals are just dying to believe in our demise at the hands of capitalism, and they're willing to extricate themselves from society and totally modify their way of life as a result of their media-induced fear. We saw the same types of behavior in the American news-consuming public after the horrid stories about martians invading, Y2K, and bird flu; the media has the power to scare the crap out of people, and they do it regularly.

We've got all sorts of stuff on here about the U.N.'s IPCC, which the media continually uses as a "source of authority" (in addition to the laughable Al Gore) when confronting the dissent of realists like myself, as well as non-advocate climate scientists; the point is to always shut down debate--never to encourage it.

Poll: most Britons doubt cause of climate change | Environment | The Observer:

The majority of the British public is still not convinced that climate change is caused by humans - and many others believe scientists are exaggerating the problem, according to an exclusive poll for The Observer.

The results have shocked campaigners who hoped that doubts would have been silenced by a report last year by more than 2,500 scientists for the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which found a 90 per cent chance that humans were the main cause of climate change and warned that drastic action was needed to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

GASP!: Everything is spinning out of control!

Chicken-LittleOh, my word! Chicken Little screams, "THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!" Give me a break!

The Associated Press has managed to publish the ultimate portent of doom. And of course, they've managed to work in global warming in a plethora of creative ways. Just see my highlights and links in their article below to see how far the fear-mongering press has come in programming you to BE AFRAID.

Be VERY AFRAID! Make AP happy. Read other posts in the GASP! series and witness the media's fear-based approach to get you fired up about the global warming cult.

Everything seemingly is spinning out of control | AP:

Is everything spinning out of control? Midwestern levees are bursting. Polar bears are adrift. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Home values are abysmal. Air fares, college tuition and health care border on unaffordable. Wars without end rage in Iraq, Afghanistan and against terrorism.


Floods engulf Midwestern river towns. Is it global warming, the gradual degradation of a planet's weather that man seems powerless to stop or just a freakish late-spring deluge?

It hardly matters to those in the path. Just ask the people of New Orleans who survived Hurricane Katrina. They are living in a city where, 1,000 days after the storm, entire neighborhoods remain abandoned, a national embarrassment that evokes disbelief from visitors.

Food is becoming scarcer and more expensive on a worldwide scale, due to increased consumption in growing countries such as China and India and rising fuel costs. That can-do solution to energy needs — turning corn into fuel — is sapping fields of plenty once devoted to crops that people need to eat. Shortages have sparked riots. In the U.S., rice prices tripled and some stores rationed the staple.

Residents of the nation's capital and its suburbs repeatedly lose power for extended periods as mere thunderstorms rumble through. In California, leaders warn people to use less water in the unrelenting drought.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hypocrite Gore INCREASES already gluttonous energy consumption!

Algore LOL! I’ve posted a few times on the hypocrisy of the Gore-Christ, the defacto papal figure who has almost single-handedly organized the stupid religion of global warming. Like many hypocritical religious leaders of the past, Gore is showing that he doesn’t walk the talk at all, from his bloat-inducing cow-munch fests; to his private jet excursions to preach to others about conservation (where he gets paid thousands for his scientifically-flawed presentations); to his estate’s monthly energy consumption (which he so caringly “offsets” by purchasing carbon credits from his own business...ha ha).

To the Nobel and Oscar committees: thanks for giving this idiot your highest honors! The Nobel and Oscar were completely cheapened by your kowtowing to the “Internet inventor” politician from Tennessee (where the majority in his own state rejected him for POTUS).

Energy Guzzled by Al Gore’s Home in Past Year Could Power 232 U.S. Homes for a Month:

NASHVILLE - In the year since Al Gore took steps to make his home more energy-efficient, the former Vice President’s home energy use surged more than 10%, according to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research.

“A man’s commitment to his beliefs is best measured by what he does behind the closed doors of his own home,” said Drew Johnson, President of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. “Al Gore is a hypocrite and a fraud when it comes to his commitment to the environment, judging by his home energy consumption.”

In the past year, Gore’s home burned through 213,210 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, enough to power 232 average American households for a month.

GASP!: Salmonella-laced tomatoes caused by global warming?

TomatoesOkay, be honest. How many of you saw this one coming? The recent Salmonella outbreak in tomatoes was caused guessed warming. And this is being perpetuated by a climate alarmist and Gore disciple—a NYT journalist (how quaint):

Thomas M. Kostigen is The New York Times bestselling coauthor of The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time, and a veteran journalist.

He's traveled the world—from the deserts of the Middle East to the slums of India; from polluted cities in China to the jungles of Borneo; from the Arctic Circle to the Amazon; as well as many other environmental hot spots—to investigate the effect of man on the planet.

Weird how after all that traveling and investigating he didn’t correctly deduce how much of his own time he’s wasting by highlighting nothing.

Didn’t you know that nonexistent GLOBAL WARMING CAUSES EVERYTHING? Just peruse the rather incomplete list of news articles yourself and draw your own conclusions. This AGW cult is either complete and total BS or we’re all getting ready to die in a fireball. What do you REALLY think?

Salmonella happens to be one of those organisms that falls in my realm of scientific expertise, and I can ASSURE YOU THAT IT IS NOT PROPAGATED IN FOOD BY THE CLIMATE! There are thousands of food-borne illness outbreaks every year, most of which are not highlighted by the media.

Read the other GASP! series posts here, and prepare to DIE, you denying, flat-earth capitalist scum!

Rotten Tomatoes Caused by Climate Change | Discover:

The tomato scare that has sickened 170 people and is the worst food scare since the E. coli/spinach outbreak is being blamed by some environmental activists on climate change and the need for more food grown with the help of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

AGW or drill for oil? Drill DAMN IT!

Img 2617I guess there’s one positive to higher gas’s exposing how most Americans really feel about the manmade global warming/climate change cult.

Given the choice between “saving the planet” or reducing their own personal financial burdens, most sensible Americans see through the “Gullible Warming” sham and are thinking about their family’s tenuous financial place in the world.

Yes, you're seeing this article in the LA Times. That should say a lot right there!

Offshore oil drilling opponents are rethinking | LA Times:

WASHINGTON -- The environmental movement, only recently poised for major advances on global warming and other issues, has suddenly found itself on the defensive as high gasoline prices shift the political climate nationwide and trigger defections by longtime supporters.

Opposition to offshore drilling -- once ironclad in places like California and Florida -- has begun to soften. Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida on Tuesday eased his opposition to new energy exploration off the coast.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Coleman: Where is "global warming," Mr. Gore?

A few weeks ago, John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel (where Heidi Cullen currently spews her stupid, worthless environmental propaganda), was seen in the news saying that Al Gore should be sued for fraud. This article was largely ignored (as expected) by the mainstream press. Because he's so very right, and the media can't allow their little myth to evaporate so easily.

Mr. Coleman recently spoke to the San Diego Chamber of Commerce on the subject of the global warming cult, and he made some terrific observations. Please read his post, and you'll probably find like him and me--it should be laughable, but it really isn't: schmiberals need a way to clandestinely bring back Marxism!

KUSI - San Diego, CA:

Well, it is simply not happening. Worldwide there was a significant natural warming trend in the 1980’s and 1990’s as a Solar cycle peaked with lots of sunspots and solar flares. That ended in 1998 and now the Sun has gone quiet with fewer and fewer Sun spots, and the global temperatures have gone into decline. Earth has cooled for almost ten straight years. So, I ask Al Gore, where’s the global warming?

The cooling trend is so strong that recently the head of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had to acknowledge it. He speculated that nature has temporarily overwhelmed mankind’s warming and it may be ten years or so before the warming returns. Oh, really. We are supposed to be in a panic about man-made global warming and the whole thing takes a ten year break because of the lack of Sun spots. If this weren’t so serious, it would be laughable.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Does Krauthammer read Global Shamming?

KrauthammerKrauthammer must be reading this blog, because I've been saying these same things since my first post of January 5th. As a matter of fact, you can see all my posts on the subject of class systems and AGW by simply searching my blog with the words "capitalism" or "socialism." My post on the U.K. carbon ration cards can be read here, and just like Krauthammer...I draw the same conclusions about the battle of the classes.

I often find myself agreeing with Krauthammer, but I agree with Milloy of here in one sense; the term "denier" shouldn't be used seriously about oneself by someone--even in the negative sense--who questions the motives of climate alarmists. I mockingly call myself a denier all the time, just to stick it in the face of the stupid Kook-Aid drinkers. - Junk Science: Time to Retire 'Denier' - Opinion:

In Charles Krauthammer's May 30 must-read column, "Carbon Chastity," he rightly lambastes environmentalists as resurrected communists/socialists who have latched on to the environment and climate change as a means to advance their anti-people social agenda.

The specific occasion for his justifiable outrage is a recent proposal by a British parliamentary committee to institute a personal carbon ration card for every citizen.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Buy carbon offset chocolate - Al Gore needs the money

I'm absolutely floored by this article. I am really speechless. Read all about Al Gore's carbon credit business here. Go out and buy yourself some carbon offset chocolate to go with your stupid global warming light bulbs. While you're at it, put out your bonfire and eat some the world, you capitalist loser!

Carbon offset chocolate is candy with a conscience:

New Zealand's Bloomsberry chocolates had been selling trendy, tongue-in-cheek chocolate bars in the United States for less than two years when they were approached by Whole Foods to develop Climate Change Chocolate.

Wind turbines and a huge footprint cover the chocolate bar's boxes and the wrapper is speckled with tips on how to be more green like "let the sun shine in. Opening curtains and blinds to capture the warmth of the sun saves on heating and your cat will love you for it!"

GASP!: Beach bonfires engulf the world in heat

LOL! The environmentalist nazis won't stop until they've taken away everything you love. Capitalism drives warming, including your capitalistic bonfires! They'll show us, by God. We can't enjoy our affluent bonfires, because they destroy the world.

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Beach bonfires may be banned:

The park board will hear the recommendation Thursday, and the city plans to run public-service announcements and hand out brochures later this month about the effects of bonfires on global warming.

According to a memo to the park board from the staff released Thursday, "The overall policy question for the Board is whether it is good policy for Seattle Parks to continue public beach fires when the carbon ... emissions produced by thousands of beach fires per year contributes to global warming."

Global warming bill is done - for now

I guess there is one benefit of higher gas prevents Democrats and liberals from creating a revolutionary mindset in the public, which is what would happen if gas prices were driven even higher by stupid, worthless environmentalist bullcrap.

The Crypt: Dems yank global warming bill -

Apparently three days of debate was enough for what many senators called "the most important issue facing the planet."

With little chance of winning passage of a sweeping 500-page global warming bill, the Senate Democratic leadership is planning to yank the legislation after failing to achieve the 60 vote threshold needed to move the bill to the next stage. After a 48-36 vote on the climate change bill, the Senate is likely to move on to an energy debate next week.

The legislation collapsed for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the poor timing of debating a bill predicted to increase energy costs while much of the country is focused on $4 a gallon gas. On top of that, a number of industrial state Democrats like Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio were uncomfortable with the strong emissions caps that would have created a new regime of regulations for coal, auto and other manufacturing industries. Republicans, for the most part, held firm against a bill they said would cost billions in regulations while pushing the cost of gas higher. Seven Republicans, mostly moderates, voted for the procedural motion on the legislation while four Democrats voted against it.

Spend $45 trillion to fight a hoax?

I guess these clim-idiots have a lot more energy than I do; it gets really hard to fight this huge propaganda machine. Folks, there is no manmade warming. Do you remember this past winter? Did you hear the Founder of Greenpeace? Have you sensed the absolute absurdity of all the ills assigned to global warming?

You must be aware that governments want more control over your lives. If you fear and then depend on them to alleviate that fear, you have just given them supreme power.


BTW, we should research and convert to other forms of energy, because an oil-based economy is a threat to our security and way of life. First, oil will eventually run out. Second, by purchasing foreign oil, we give too much power to despots who control so much of the world's oil.

Notice that at no time did I say we need alternative energy to fight "warming." Warming is's's complete, utter BS!

The Associated Press: $45 trillion needed to combat warming:

A U.N.-network of scientists concluded last year that emissions have to be cut by at least half by 2050 to avoid an increase in world temperatures of between 3.6 and 4.2 degrees above pre-18th century levels.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

GASP! Prepare to eat bugs!

CockroachOkay, in addition to becoming cannibals, we'll be forced to eat bugs soon too! warming causes too many problems to keep eating like fat, gluttonous Americans. LOL!

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Eating Bugs - TIME:

There's also the possibility that someday the exploding global population and the damage of climate change could bring about the collapse of our resource-intensive food supply. "At that point," notes Gracer, "insects could become a pretty attractive option."

GASP!: Kiribati doomed by climate change?

Please see our previous GASP! series posts, which feature news stories designed to scare the crap out of you.

This story is so easy to poke holes in that it's like taking candy from a baby. Kiribati is an atoll, which if you are unaware is a volcanically-engineered islet that has basically been been built up by coral reef formation; it is not a classic island or land mass, like Japan for example.

Kiribati is not the only atoll in existence, and it is definitely not the only island or ocean-surrounded land mass in existence. If global warming-induced water rise is flooding it, what about the other surrounding atolls in the Pacific (and elsewhere)? Are they flooding and disappearing? Are other worldwide coastal areas flooding at the same rate?

Since this atoll is in the Pacific (where La Nina is currently driving global cooling for 10 years - ahem), and since this past record cold winter cooled the global mean temperature 0.7 degrees, why is Kiribati still flooding? If we're going to cool for 10 years (because of La Nina's "masking effect" on global warming), won't all rising water reverse for at least a decade?

I'm not denying that certain coastal areas erode or flood (look at New Orleans--a problem since its beginning). What about Venice? We know that we have flooded coastal areas, because we've seen the archaeological evidence. So is that a normal consequence of NORMAL climate change, or is human intervention speeding these processes? I assert that humans ARE NOT WARMING THE EARTH AND MELTING MORE POLAR ICE. CO2, even in increasing concentrations because of emissions, remains a MINOR GREENHOUSE GAS compared to H2O and methane.

AFP: Kiribati likely doomed by climate change: president:

WELLINGTON (AFP) — The president of the low-lying Pacific atoll nation of Kiribati said Thursday his country may already be doomed because of climate change.

"Where they have been living over the past few decades is no longer there, it is being eroded."

"At two degrees of global warming we are already destroying the places that people have called their homes for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years," he added.

The focus of attempts to reach a global deal to replace the Kyoto plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions moved to Bonn, Germany, this week where 2,400 negotiators are trying to hammer out an agreement to be signed by the end of next year.

Steiner said governments and individuals should not ignore climate change because of current crises over soaring food and oil prices.