Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gore: Myanmar cyclone caused by AGW!

Wow! I didn’t see this one coming (sarcasm definitely intended). To Al Gore, every disaster is caused by global warming. Review where John Kerry blamed a tornado outbreak on global warming. Look here to see all the things for which global warming is blamed. See here where this past record-setting winter was caused by global warming. Me thinks they protest too much. This is an utter crock of crap. I’m sure the 2004 tsunami was probably caused by global warming too.

Al Gore Calls Myanmar Cyclone a 'Consequence' of Global Warming

Using tragedy to advance an agenda has been a strategy for many global warming activists, and it was just a matter of time before someone found a way to tie the recent Myanmar cyclone to global warming.

Former Vice President Al Gore in an interview on NPR’s May 6 “Fresh Air” broadcast did just that. He was interviewed by “Fresh Air” host Terry Gross about the release of his book, “The Assault on Reason,” in paperback.

“And as we’re talking today, Terry, the death count in Myanmar from the cyclone that hit there yesterday has been rising from 15,000 to way on up there to much higher numbers now being speculated,” Gore said. “And last year a catastrophic storm from last fall hit Bangladesh. The year before, the strongest cyclone in more than 50 years hit China – and we’re seeing consequences that scientists have long predicted might be associated with continued global warming.”

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