Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hollywood Hypocrites

LOL! Of course rich, spoiled, elitist celebrities don’t practice what they preach. We’ve seen this years before global warming. How many wealthy Hollywood lurkers have we seen bemoan the plight of various challenged groups (i.e., the poor, AIDS patients, homeless vets, etc.)? How many of them open up their own pocket books and dole out some solutions in the form of cash? What we mostly hear from them is hot air, which as you know is not good for global warming.

We also hear them implore us to donate!!?? I love it when rich people tell me—an average Joe with an average income—to donate and help someone else. Give me a break! Therefore Mr. and Mrs. Celebrity, stop driving SUVs and private jets! Give the environment a break! I don’t care how many carbon credits you buy from Al Gore. This especially goes for Arnold Swarz—how-ever-you-spell-it-enger and Al Gore. Al Gore, with his new Oscar, should feel right at home in the BS cauldron of Hollywood.

You hippy-crites! When it comes to saving the planet do celebrities practise what they preach?

Is the hot air emitted by celebrities when they spout ecological platitudes a greenhouse gas? If so, then the melting of the polar ice caps just moved a step closer, following calls by Trudie Styler, a leading celebrity ecological hypocrite - call them hippy-crites for short - for the general public to eat more locally grown vegetables.

Campaigning against food miles might seem an unlikely cause for Styler, given that a tribunal last year heard how she ordered her personal chef to travel over 100 miles to make a bowl of pasta for her youngest child and has sold olive oil and honey from her Tuscan estate, Il Palagio, 1,000 or so miles away, in Harrods in London.

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