Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ice melting fast--sound familiar?

So this story appears again and again, almost month after month, like some demented mantra the media must chant to convince you of impending doom.

Please note something important they give away in the beginning of the article, figuring you’re too dumb to see the importance of it. Satellite Arctic ice measurements started in 1978! That’s 30 freakin’ years ago, folks! Now, get out your calculator and divide 4.5 Billion (Earth’s estimated age) by 30—the number of years they’ve apparently measured Arctic ice accurately (assuming they look at it on some semi-regular, recurring basis). You’re left with the number of years that they HAVE NOT MEASURED THE ICE: 150,000,000 separate periods of 30 years. Do you realize what a statistically flawed sample that is?
They haven’t accounted for 4,499,999,970 years at the North Pole!! And how often are they taking measurements? Each decade? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly? And didn’t they first start measuring the ice because it was presumed Arctic ice was GROWING in the 1970s, when Newsweek and other rags proclaimed we were threatened with a new “ice age”? If it GREW then (during a coming “ice age”) any retreat over the past 3 decades could just be a leveling-off or a return closer to a true baseline. Please don’t be a dolt, and don’t fall for these continual, unrelenting scare tactics.

Japan scientists warn Arctic ice melting fast
TOKYO (Reuters) - Arctic ice is melting fast and the area covered by ice sheets in ocean could shrink this summer to the smallest since 1978 when satellite observation first started, Japanese scientists warned in a report.

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