Sunday, March 30, 2008

Media tries to spray paint your eyes (and brain)

Yep, this past winter was record-breaking worldwide. I've linked to countless stories on this blog from all over the world showing just what an awful winter we've had over the past year (2008). "Global warming" has reversed itself completely (100 years of warming gone in one year, if--and that's a big IF--you believe their baseline that showed 1998 was the warmest on record).

So, what does the media do when it has an agenda? Why, stoke the myth of course! Here we see empirical evidence touted as proof of warming, while ignoring the pile of empirical (and scientific) evidence we've had that shows a cooling trend. Typical...but we've discussed why that is before. Too many reputations stand to suffer greatly if that CO2 fart cloud dissipates.

Study shows Russian and Canadian winter days much milder | Environment | Reuters

OSLO (Reuters) - The coldest winter days in Russia and Canada have become up to 4 Celsius (7 Fahrenheit) milder since the 1950s in an extreme sign of climate change, the British Meteorological Office said on Wednesday.

A study of daily minimum and maximum temperatures said that a trend towards warmer nights and hotter days was set to bring more heatwaves and shifts in crop growing seasons.

"Minimum temperatures have seen the biggest increases, most notably over Russia and Canada, where the coldest days are now up to 4 Celsius warmer than they were in the middle of the 20th century," the Met Office's Hadley Centre said.

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