Monday, March 17, 2008

Video gaming teens driving climate change?

You might recall this similar story about computers and their environmental impact.

Are you convinced yet that climate alarmists are a bunch of psychos? If not, read on and see if you change your mind. Here's another "cause" of global warming--video games and the kids who just don't care how much carbon they're pooting into the environment by playing those games.

I can't believe it's not painfully obvious how crazed these environmental lunatics are. Meanwhile, Al Gore burns much more energy everyday at his estate than the average American (Gore's one month use = Avg. American's single year use), but he gets a pass by purchasing carbon credits from a company he owns. LOL! What a clever scam to allay his own guilt and complicity. This is what the elites want; do as they say and ignore their own actions (ignore their hypocrisy).

AFP: Sonic the Hedgehog, climate killer?:

What he does not care about is the environmental impact of the games console he and his mates are playing in a giant exhibition hall crammed full of other teenagers playing the latest shoot-em-ups, driving games and the like.

Whereas many of the 5,500 exhibitors at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany like IBM and Deutsche Telekom have been at pains to trumpet their green credentials, in Hall 22 there is not a tree-hugger in sight.

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer travelled to the fair to tell people what the world's largest software company was doing its bit for the environment -- but the company's Xbox games console was not mentioned once in this context.

Worldwide computer use requires 14 power stations for the necessary electricity, producing more harmful carbon dioxide emissions than the entire airline industry -- not including the emissions created and manufacturing and shipping around the products in the first place.

And games consoles -- of which 62 million were sold in last year -- are the gas guzzlers of this industry, using huge amounts of energy to generate the necessary mindblowing graphics and sounds.

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