Saturday, March 22, 2008

We'll need lots of your money, or your grandkids will die

More admissions from the Old Grey Lady. First, they'll need large amounts of revenue to "cure" nonexistent global warming. Since this is still the "Government by the people...", you should keep in mind that this "revenue" will come out of your wallet, Joe American. The U.N. is clamoring for Joe American's wallet too, as we've been proclaimed the foremost climate sinners of the world.

Next comes a usual tactic from this side of politics--FEAR of hurting children. Hey, Joe American, are your grandkids worth all the money? Think about it. If you say no then that means you're a slimy, scum-sucking conservative "flat-earther."

They're trying to get us by the sack here folks. Wake up!

Are the Grandkids Worth the Money? - New York Times:

Arresting global warming won’t come cheap. Europe and Japan are already spending billions to meet the modest carbon emission cuts that they agreed to in Kyoto 10 years ago. And according to a recent United Nations report, switching to cleaner energy sources would require investments of up to $20 trillion over the next two decades. Add to that other economic costs, such as the rise in food prices attributable to the world’s embrace of renewable fuels.

This is money that might be spent to address other pressing social problems, like world hunger, lack of access to clean water in poor countries, malaria, AIDS. Is that a good trade-off? How much should the world be willing to sacrifice today to avert the future costs of global warming?

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