Sunday, March 23, 2008

Artist prefers 'human-free' world

Kool Aid
When the nutjob artists start basing their portfolios around perceived AGW-caused disasters, it's time to drink some kool-aid. The last sentence in this reply shows clearly that Sasha is a kool-aid drinker.

Kimberly Brooks: The Art of Global Warming: Photographer Sasha Bezzubov - Living on The Huffington Post:

KB: Has this series made you more of an "environmentalist", per se?

SB: That's a really good question. On the one hand I share with environmentalists the conviction that we need to act now in order to slow the pace of stress that we're putting out climate and environment in general through. I think that if we need to make economic sacrifices to slow climate change and other deleterious effects of our industry, and this is debatable, they are preferable to the possibility of living out our days in a hostile world of warming climate, increasing natural disasters and diminishing resources. And in my little ways I'm trying to live that ideal. On the other hand if we all stopped reproducing tomorrow, in a hundred years Earth would be human-free, which may be the most environment friendly act.

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