Saturday, March 1, 2008

Scientists: Sun will cause doomsday

A previous story highlighted the misguided effort to preserve plant species in the face of manmade climate change. Remember? We are supposedly acting in a way that is causing the Earth to rapidly heat up and croak a crispy death.

However, in the same week we see this gem that tells us the Sun is slowly expanding and will eventually boil off our oceans. Do you mean to say the Sun produces heat that can affect life on Earth???!!! No way! We humans are obviously much more critical to the natural order on Earth than any silly old star.

Relax. We have a billion years before this happens, but like all scientific predictions of this nature (including global warming), I wouldn't get too excited about it. - Scientists Predict When World Will End - Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News:

The good news: This won't happen for another 7.6 billion years.

The bad news: Life on Earth will end long before then.

In fact, we've only got a billion years left before the slowly expanding sun boils off the oceans and reduces our planet to an uninhabitable cinder, says Smith.

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