Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cold causes giant Antarctic marine life

Notice first how they state (about midway through the article) that they're studying stuff down there because of "global warming." But then we see the theory that these huge critters are that way because of the cold.

So are they saying we're killing them off (probably), or are they saying they're going to shrink (LOL)?

If they're REAL scientists, I hope they'll be brave enough to admit when their research shows them that global warming is an unequivocal load of crap. But since I'm sure they're enjoying the research dollars coming in, don't look for "climate change" to go away any time soon.

Global warming is the "snake oil" of the new millennium.

The Associated Press: Giant Marine Life Found in Antarctica:

The survey was part of the International Polar Year program involving 23 countries in 11 voyages to survey marine life and habitats around Antarctica. The program hopes to set benchmarks for determining the effects of global warming on Antarctica, researchers said.

Cold temperatures, a small number of predators, high levels of oxygen in the sea water and even longevity could explain the size of some specimens, said Robertson, a scientist with NIWA.

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