Saturday, March 22, 2008

ABC's Stossel a rare media type

There are a few media members out there who are bravely standing up to the BS machine, but you can see that they're getting sidelined, burned, and ignored. Kudos to Newsbusters for touting the recent work that John Stossel did for ABC's 20/20.

ABC's Stossel Takes on Gore Movie, Talks to Dissenting Scientists |

STOSSEL: "You've heard the reports. The globe is warming. And it's our fault. And the consequences will be terrible. But you should know there is another side to this story. And scientists who've tried to tell it are often threatened. Which makes me say, 'Give Me a Break.'"
STOSSEL: Is this what the global warming debate has come to? One side saying, "Shut up, dissent must not be heard." The truth is that, while everyone agrees the earth has warmed, lots of good scientists don't agree that it's mostly our fault, and don't agree that it's going to be a catastrophe. So when the Nobel Prize winner says-

GORE: The debate's over. The debate's over.

STOSSEL: I say, "Give Me a Break."

Usually, what we see from media members is fearmongering and advocacy; let's take CBS's Harry Smith, as a small example, when he recently interviewed NYC's Mayor Bloomberg.

CBS's Smith to Bloomberg: 'Manhattan Will Be Underwater by 2050' |
To match Bloomberg’s alarmist rhetoric, Smith added "Manhattan will be underwater by 2050." Amusingly, even Bloomberg thought that assertion went too far, "There's a -- I don't know that Manhattan will be underwater, but certainly the environment's going to be a lot worse that we leave our children."

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