Monday, March 10, 2008

U.N. chief links gas, food prices with AGW

Here we are in a record-setting winter, and the kooks are still playing games with our fears. Predictable advocate Ban Ki-moon believes that global warming is causing all the trouble; I agree...stupid ecofuel production is driving up the cost of food, because of a senseless belief in the biggest scam ever perpetrated on man.

If we could just admit that this IS a scam, maybe we could bring down some of those prices.

Newsvine - Food, Energy Costs Risk UN Poverty Goals:

Pricey food, high oil costs and grim projections of damage from global warming are the biggest challenges to meeting the United Nations' 2015 deadline for reducing poverty around the globe, officials said Monday.
World Bank President Robert Zoellick told The Associated Press that during the meeting he emphasized the need to cut carbon emissions blamed for warming the planet and to look at rising energy and food prices that make it harder to lift people out of poverty.
More can be seen below. We can already see how steps we're taking with light bulbs and ethanol will have devastating effects on the environment...much worse than any imagined AGW.
AFP: US corn biofuels will expand Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone': scientists:
VANCOUVER, Canada (AFP) — A planned increase in US ethanol production from corn would spell environmental "disaster" for marine species in the Gulf of Mexico, said a co-author of a science study published Monday.

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