Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Arctic sea ice is back, but so what...it's only NEW ICE

Like I told you, there's no accepting reality. The climate reverses 100 years of warming in one year, and the media poo-poos it away as if it's nothing. It's no real news at all to them.

One must understand: they're way too invested in all this now to just let it go. As I've said, way too many reputations are hanging in the balance--political, media, and scientific reputations are all on the chopping block over the global warming lie.

This article is one giant disclaimer: pay no attention to the cold, record-setting winter we just experienced. Pay no attention to the reformed Arctic ice, snowfall records, record cold, Canadian snow rage, and so on. Try not remember the dire predictions for what a warm winter we were going to have. Please don't pay attention to the numerous scientists who say that AGW is wrong, and please don't notice the IPCC members who've changed their minds.

Notice only the empirical evidence that proves their faltering theory, you bunch of sheep. Check out this contradictory article from just the other day.

The Associated Press: Arctic Sea Ice Builds, but Vulnerable:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Critical Arctic sea ice this winter made a tenuous partial recovery from last summer's record melt, federal scientists said Tuesday. But that's an illusion, like a Hollywood movie set, scientist Walter Meier of the National Snow and Ice Data Center said. The ice is very thin and vulnerable to heavy melting again this summer. Overall, Arctic sea ice has shrunk precipitously in the past decade and scientists blame global warming caused by humans.

Last summer, Arctic ice shrank to an area that was 27 percent smaller than the previous record. This winter, it recovered to a maximum of 5.8 million square miles, up 4 percent and the most since 2003, NASA ice scientist Josefino Comiso said. It is still a bit below the long-term average level for this time of year.

But more than 70 percent of that sea ice is new, thin and salty, having formed only since September, Comiso said. The more important ice is perennial sea ice that lasts through the summer, and that ice has hit record low levels.

Reuters covered the same story with a different angle. They chose to IGNORE THE NEW ICE and instead only lament the "old, thick" ice they say we've lost and will continue losing. Remember that this NASA crap is directly traced to Dr. Hansen, warm-alarm-man from hell.

NASA data shows thickest and oldest Arctic ice is melting | Reuters
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The thickest, oldest and toughest sea ice around the North Pole is melting, a bad sign for the future of the Arctic ice cap, NASA satellite data showed on Tuesday.

"Thickness is an indicator of long-term health of sea ice, and that's not looking good at the moment," Walt Meier of the National Snow and Ice Data Center told reporters in a telephone briefing.

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