Saturday, March 22, 2008

The British Chicken Little

Chicken-Little The Mayan calendar predicts we're gone in 2012. Nostradamus made all sorts of dire "predictions" in his obscure quatrains, which we always assign to events after the fact. Edgar Cayce said the end would come in 1999. Prophets, thinkers, and scientists have made predictions for ages about various subjects, including the end of the world, and have been wronger than wrong. Even Sir Isaac Newton said it should all be over by now (approximately 1949).

Now we have a new religion called AGW, and its disciples are predicting the end of days once more. Lovelock says we're done for in 2040 because of global warming; he'll be long gone by then, and many of us will too. Those of us left likely won't even remember this ridiculous prediction.

As the hysteria of global warming fanatics is slowly unraveled and exposed, their cries of doom become more shrill and preposterous. When you wrap your entire existence around BS, this is what transpires.

We're all doomed! 40 years from global catastrophe - and there's NOTHING we can do about it, says climate change expert | the Daily Mail:

According to the climate change scientist James Lovelock, this is the beginning of the end of a peaceful phase in evolution.

By 2040, the world population of more than six billion will have been culled by floods, drought and famine.

He has been proclaiming his Gaia Theory for a generation. This states that the Earth is a living, self-regulating system and that by filling its atmosphere with CO2 (carbon dioxide emissions) we have destroyed the balance and overheated the planet. We are in the phase when the thermometer suddenly shoots up.

Lovelock believes it is too late to repair the damage. Government targets are "futile". Britain contributes such a tiny amount of emissions compared with countries such as China that our self-regulatory measures are pathetic.

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