Monday, March 17, 2008

Prince Charles: Deniers are insane

Okay, the goon who dumped Princess Diana for Camilla is calling us skeptics mad? Need I say more?

Trinidad News:

Sheer madness.

That's how Prince Charles described skeptics who view calls for rapid action to counter climate change as overstated or completely invented.

Charles was speaking at a dinner reception hosted by President George Maxwell Richards and his wife Dr Jean Ramjohn-Richards at President's House, St Ann's on Wednesday night which was also attended by his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Meanwhile, during the same news week, we have another attempt to diffuse the scrutiny against AGW because of the worldwide, record-setting winter we've had this year...

Record warm winter for northern Europe - San Jose Mercury News:

STOCKHOLM, Sweden—Icebreakers sit idle in ports. Insects crawl out of forest hideouts. Daffodils sprout up from green lawns.

Winter ended before it started in Europe's north, where record-high temperatures have people wondering whether it's a fluke or an ominous sign of a warming world.

"It's the warmest winter ever" recorded, said John Ekwall of the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute.
In December, January and February, the average temperature in Stockholm was 36 degrees—the highest on record since record-keeping began in 1756.

The same week, Australia suffers a summer that was TOO COOL:

March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Sydney residents and tourists are cursing La Nina as the harbor city says goodbye to the summer that wasn't.

While the La Nina weather pattern is delivering rain to farmers after the worst drought in a century, it's cutting profits for cafe owners, travel agents and insurers. Insurance Australia Group Ltd., the nation's largest home insurer, last week posted a sixth straight profit decline after hail storms cost it A$105 million ($97 million). The yearly `Symphony in the Park,' which usually attracts 80,000 people, had 700 this year as the orchestra played behind a tarpaulin during a downpour.

No day topped 31 degrees celsius (88 degrees fahrenheit) for the first time since 1956. Average daily sunshine totaled 6.7 hours, an hour less than normal and the lowest since 1991-92. The average maximum temperature was 25.2, the coolest since 1996-97.

``Suddenly we get one cool, wet summer and everyone's complaining,'' said De Salis.

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