Monday, March 24, 2008

Drought...a new concept?

Okay, let's just take Reuters at its word. Let's assume that experts--who are never named (we'll just believe them when they say it)--are correct that the empirical evidence of drought (drought anywhere...but here in Cyprus) is proof of MANMADE climate change.

Where was the talk of a manmade climate disasters when we've had countless droughts and resulting famines throughout history? Droughts are not new! Remember the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression? Those areas are no longer in a drought, but shouldn't they be if manmade climate change is screwing up the earth?

What do the same experts say about this past horrid winter that we've had almost worldwide, including Greece (located right next to Cyprus) that had record snowfall? That's empirical evidence too, but it's either ignored or, insanely, sited as proof of global warming! Warming and cooling are proof of warming?

And the way I'm reading the literature, Cyprus has a climate that seems capable of displaying drought conditions!

The climate is temperate and Mediterranean with dry summers and variably rainy winters. Summer temperatures range from warm at higher elevations in the Tröodos mountains to hot in the lowlands. Winter temperatures are mild at lower elevations, where snow rarely occurs, but are significantly colder in the mountains with sufficient snow for seasonal ski facilities. Dust storms are frequent throughout the year.
Drought-hit Cyprus starts emergency water rations | Reuters:
Official accounts suggest rainfall in Cyprus has fallen by about 20 percent over the past 35 years, a decline experts attribute to climate change.

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