Monday, March 31, 2008

Newsweek: the "not-so-well" funded publication

Newsweek had a big story that I discussed recently about us “climate deniers” being a "well-funded machine." We skeptics (cynics or "flat earthers") are people that they most disrespectfully refer to in that article as “THEY,” as if we’re lepers or worse. Amazing how simply demanding debate (which we never get from those of the opposing position on AGW) can turn you into a outcast among certain groups of people. Interesting that their publication is going down the toilet. Au revoir!

Fresh Intelligence : Radar Online : Over 100 Staffers Leave Newsweek :

The staff of Newsweek will shrink dramatically, after 111 staffers on its news and business sides accepted a buyout last week. Among those leaving are some of the magazine's best-known, most-admired and longest-service critics, including David Gates, David Ansen and Cathleen McGuigan. Harold Shain, a former president of the magazine who moved over to sister publication Budget Travel at the beginning of this year, is also departing.

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