Saturday, March 22, 2008

More monikers: Flat Earthers!

I guess the warmaholics got the maximum use out of declaring us AGW skeptics as "Holocaust deniers." Now, we've been labeled as "flat earthers" in an attempt to silence us, make us seem stupid, and put us at imagined odds with the "rest of the world."

Of course, I can easily reverse this, because believing in manmade climate change is like believing in a flat earth. It's like believing that the Earth is the center of the universe, whereby we must invent elaborate models so that the observed movements of heavenly bodies continue to make sense according to our beliefs. In this case, we have to create elaborate models to keep the theory of AGW afloat.

Galileo suffered as we deniers are now; in those days, the Roman Catholic Church tormented him. Today, the Church of Global Warming with Al Gore as its head is tormenting any who dare say, "nope, it's BS."

Again, we come back to debate based on science, which we've been denied. No one wants debate; they want silence--our silence and conformity.

CNN: Climate Conference Attendees Are Like Flat Earthers |

O'BRIEN: Fagin teaches journalism and writes on the environment. He says skeptics have changed their tune as evidence started stacking up against them. A decade ago they denied global warming even existed.

FAGIN: They're getting closer to the scientific reality, although they're certainly not there yet. The only way that they could be right is if there was some kind of grand conspiracy.

O'BRIEN: But that is what Heartland desperately wants us to believe. Even the Flat Earth Society didn't fold its tent in 1493.

Miles O'Brien, CNN, New York.

BTW...O'Brien is showing his ignorance, as the FES was still functioning in 2001. your research!

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