Sunday, March 30, 2008

How cute! Let's dim the lights and "save" each other...

Earth Hour

Throw this one in the stupid bin along with the mercury-tainted light bulb. Guess who didn't dim their lights? My house! And my city seemed as bright as usual. Isn't this sort of like that stupid myth that if everyone refuses to buy gas from Texaco for one day that they'll have to drop the price??!! GEEZ!

Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters also has some very good commentary on this tree-hugging event; even Google got in on it, which I'm sure saved us a few more years on the earth.

Earth Hour goes global | Reuters

LONDON/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The Sydney Opera House to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge went dark as people switched off lights in their homes and skylines dimmed around the world on Saturday to show concern with global warming.

Up to 30 million people were expected to have turned off their lights for 60 minutes by the time "Earth Hour" -- which started in Suva in Fiji and Christchurch in New Zealand -- completed its cycle westward.

Inhabitat » LIGHTS OFF EVERYONE: Global Earth Hour is Tonight!:
Last year, more than 2.2 million Earth Hour participants shut off their lights throughout Sydney in a powerful stand in support of protecting the environment. Tonight, the lights off action is going global! Around the world, cities on every continent - including Atlanta, Bangkok, Bogota, Chicago, Dublin, Montreal, Manilla, San Francisco, Sydney, Tel Aviv and more - 20,000+ businesses and almost 300,000 individuals have signed up to turn off the lights and turn up environmental awareness.

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