Sunday, March 16, 2008

NYT reporter: we need more global warming articles!

Kudos to Jeff Poor at Newsbusters. I guess 112 advocation stories in ONE MONTH based on a lie ( warming) aren't enough for the Ol' Grey Lady.

NY Times Reporter Wants Even More Global Warming Coverage:

Think the public is getting too much global warming from the media? Andrew Revkin, the environmental reporter for The New York Times, doesn’t think you’re getting enough.

Revkin spoke in Newark, Del., on March 12 for the University of Delaware’s Global Agenda lecture series, “Boiling Point: International Politics of Climate Change.” He told an audience he thought the climate change issue deserved more prominence in his paper’s print edition, however he understood why it wasn’t given as much.

A Nexis newspaper database search revealed that in the last month, The New York Times has published 40 stories mentioning “climate change” and 72 stories mentioning “global warming.”

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