Monday, March 17, 2008

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See, I’ve told you before. Forget the freezing ass winter we just had; according to this, it was still WARMER than normal, in certain places.

Can you believe this crap? I’m telling you…they’ve built this global warming garbage into such a monstrosity that they can’t possibly allow the house of cards to fall. Too many reputations are at stake as this sham is exposed for what it really is--NOTHING.

Let’s review some of the media-hyped non-disasters of the past. We’ve had Y2K, “global cooling,” bird flu, SARS, ozone depletion, and now global warming. Is the world even awake? Is the world even thinking anymore?

Record snowfalls mean big meltdown -

Although final global numbers for winter won't be available until next week, some locations enjoyed their warmest winter ever, including Sweden, Finland and Latvia, according to wire reports. In December, January and February, the average temperature in Stockholm, for example, was 36 degrees — the highest mark since recordkeeping began in 1756.
Someone should tell Canadians that global warming is real. They’re closer to the Arctic than most of us, and they’re suffering this year…still. Eleven days before spring, they just can’t seem to get a break. There's so much snow and winter that people are becoming violent, but notice the “cover statements” in the piece. The media will keep this climate balloon afloat for as long as they can.

Brockville Recorder and Times - Ontario, CA:

It's snow joke.

Hold onto your hats, scarves and shovels. Weather forecasters are predicting even more of the white stuff Tuesday after a brief respite today following the weekend's blizzard that blanketed eastern Ontario.

Guns and fists as snow rage erupts | Oddly Enough | Reuters:
QUEBEC CITY, Quebec (Reuters) - Although Canada is one of the snowiest countries in the world, a series of violent "snow rage" incidents reveal that even the locals have their limits.

Police in the French-speaking province of Quebec said on Wednesday that people were fighting over snow clearing and even parking spaces.

This is funny, because the AP finds a way to sneak a global warming plug into a dog race story. They use twice the phrase “unseasonably warm.” Of course, other stories made the point that a lack of snow forced them to move the race's start further north. But my question is: why just move the start point north for lack of snow? Wouldn't the entire race need to be moved northward? Could there be a lack of snow there? How'd they judge that? And why didn't they come down south here to the CONUS to pick up all the snow they wanted? Or heck, see the above article...they could have just trucked some up from Canada.

Point is, if warming caused a lack of snow in Alaska for the Iditarod as the LA Times claims, what's caused the over abundance of snow everywhere else in the world? - Defending Champion Lance Mackey Wins Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race:

Mackey's dogs struggled with diarrhea and unseasonably warm temperatures earlier in the race. But they were in noticeably better health in White Mountain, where mushers are required to take an eight-hour break before heading up the icy Bering Sea coast for the homestretch.

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