Saturday, March 1, 2008

Residents hate winter, but media continues 'unusual' stratagem

Despite the empirical evidence (along with the overwhelming data) that shows "global warming" is a NON-EVENT), the media folks continue trying to preserve their dignities and reputations by explaining that this winter is 'unusual'...meaning 'caused by global warming.' So this is their tactic--dismiss the cold-assed winter as anthropogenic.

Please people! Notice only that the winter is UNUSUALLY cold; try not to notice the COLD part. Remember, global warming causes both the empirical warmth we've seen in the summers, but it also causes any unusual cold we've seen this winter, according to the socialists who want to save you from yourself. Here, have a light bulb and feel better.

If you believe that then you're misguided. Please don't be a media/politician-controlled sheep-zombie.

My Way News - Northern Residents Lament Snowy Winter:

CHICAGO (AP) - Betty Stewart's Tuesday started with her stepping into a slushy puddle just long enough to get her sock wet and having her newspaper blown from her hands and getting soaked on the ground. "Enough already," she said.

Like many others, the 30-year-old receptionist has had it with winter and what seems like unusually wet weather.
"Coming to work, people are mad at the world," said Olivia Young, a customer service associate in downtown Chicago. Winter, she said, "just puts you in an overwrought situation."

Experts say people in some northern states aren't just looking to complain; the weather this winter truly is worse in some ways.

In Boston, for example, 49.6 inches of snow has fallen this winter, or 19.3 inches more than normal. In Madison, Wis., where it never had snowed more than 76.6 inches, the city already had seen 77 inches by Feb. 12.

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