Saturday, March 22, 2008

In the British Virgin Isles, the fruitcakes gather

Don't forget Richard Branson's interest in global warming; he sees the dollar signs.

At island retreat, Branson and friends seek to save a world 'on fire' - International Herald Tribune:

NECKER ISLAND,British Virgin Islands: Richard Branson was lounging under the starry midnight sky on this palm-dappled speck of an island recently when he popped a sobering question.

"So, do we really think the world is on fire?" Branson, the British magnate and adventurer, asked several guests, as a manservant scurried off to fetch him another glass of pinot grigio.

What he wanted to know was whether his high-powered visitors, among them Larry Page of Google, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia and Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, thought global warming threatened the planet.

Branson does - and so did most of his guests.


Anonymous said...

Er JIMMY WALES? Doesn't Branson even check the internet? Wales is involved in the mother of all sex and money scandals for 3 weeks now

G.W. Denier said...

True that...these guys are going to fix the "world on fire" and they can't even fix their own personal lives.