Saturday, March 15, 2008

Here, have another cup of FEAR, travelers


AGW is "causing" everything else wrong in the world, so let's go ahead and make this terrifying portent too. Beware, all the roads, rails, and bridges will be flooded or fail because of global warming...which doesn't exist...because it's a big sham.

Yep, they're ignoring the erasure of all the "warming" this past winter season. Predictable. What happens to all these idiots when they can't ignore the truth any longer?

The Associated Press: Global Warming to Affect Transport:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Flooded roads and subways, deformed railroad tracks and weakened bridges may be the wave of the future with continuing global warming, a new study says.

Climate change will affect every type of transportation through rising sea levels, increased rainfall and surges from more intense storms, the National Research Council said in a report released Tuesday.

Complicating matters, people continue to move into coastal areas, creating the need for more roads and services in the most vulnerable regions, the report noted.

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