Monday, January 21, 2008

Dr. James Hansen, NASA scientist and "climate authority"

Dr. James Hansen, a climatologist employed by NASA, is another AGW-proponent, who claimed earlier that President Bush tried to silence his "research" showing that man's capitalistic activities are causing the Earth to heat up. Hansen has described all scientifically-connected cynics and skeptics of global warming ("deniers," if you will) as corrupted by the influences of big oil interests. If Al Gore is the messiah of the new "consensus" religion known as anthropogenic global warming (or "manmade climate change"), then Hansen would be the equivalent of a devoted disciple.

Recently in the news, his advocacy has been touted once again, as he proclaims, "the time to act is running out," which sounds remarkably close to the Gore-Christ's assertion: "the time for debate is over." Note also the recurring "polar bear" theme that the media continues to spread as a reason to ACT NOW...BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. Global Warming News, Science, Myths, Articles:

This i[s] the final part of Katie's one-on-one interview with lead NASA scientist Dr. James Hansen. Dr. Hansen talks about the weather and climate. There is also an interesting link between Dr. Hansen and Seinfeld.

Katie also discusses the latest news on the the protection of the polar bear...

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Last week, NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) announced that 2007 tied 1998 for the Earth's second warmest year in a century. If you remember, I recently blogged about NOAA's annual temperature report, which stated that 2007 was the 5th warmest on record globally. The research team, led by Dr. James Hansen, who was recently interviewed by, used temperature data from weather stations...
Here's what Katie doesn't tell you about Dr. Hansen. As he huffs-and-puffs about President Bush and biased scientists out there who he thinks are trying to debunk his efforts, he fails to mention his own biased, political connections (and they're connections to political cash).

The Provocateur: George Soros= The Political Keyser Soze:

A report revealed just this week, shows the ‘Open Society Institute’ funded Hansen to the tune of $720,000, carefully orchestrating his entire media campaign. OSI, a political group which spent $74 million in 2006 to “shape public policy,” is funded by billionaire George Soros, the largest backer of Kerry’s 2004 Presidential Campaign. Soros,who once declared that “removing Bush from office was the ”central focus" of hislife, has also given tens of millions of dollars to MoveOn.Org and other political action groups.

Certainly Soros has a right to spend his own money. But NASA officials have a responsibility to accurate, unbiased, nonpartisan science. For Hansen to secretly receive a large check from Soros, then begin making unsubstantiated claims about administrative influence on climate science is more than suspicious — it’s a clear conflict of interest...

Predictably, the news media has been silent on this revelation. The disciple is now Judas and a threat to the Gore-Christ.

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