Saturday, May 3, 2008

Did Dr. Gray and CSU reach compromise on warming lie?

So, it sounds to me as if CSU had initially intimidated Dr. Gray, famed hurricane forecaster, for speaking his mind about the global warming lie, but it appears they've come to some behind-the-scenes agreement that requires him to keep his mouth shut about the intimidation he suffered. Is the quid pro quo that he keeps his position and continues his work?

I'm glad there are scientists like Dr. Gray, Dr. Christy, Dr. Reiter, and Dr. Lindzen out there who are brave enough to speak up about the AGW myth. Remember...Galileo was eventually silenced as well by religious authorities; now, the new religion is global warming, and its authorities are attempting to silence the few, brave voices willing to state the truth--global warming is one of the greatest scams (maybe the greatest in history) ever perpetrated on mankind; it must be the greatest in history, because it's a worldwide phenomenon of deceit, thanks to the flow of misinformation through the Internet and other electronic media venues.

Hurricane Expert Says His Global Warming Views Haven't Affected University's Support

William Gray, a professor emeritus at Colorado State, is a skeptic of man-made global warming and once said that pro-global warming scientists are "brainwashing our children." An article Monday by the Houston Chronicle that was cited by FOX News claimed that Gray's views had prompted the university to stop promoting his renowned annual North Atlantic hurricane forecasts. The Chronicle quoted a memo Gray sent the university last year accusing it of trying to stifle his views on global warming, but Gray issued a statement Tuesday saying that his status at the university hadn't changed.

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