Saturday, May 3, 2008

Record snowfall in AK (nearly May)

Here we are a few days away from May and we’re still seeing record snowfall and cold in the great age of “global warming,” during the “warmest winter on record.” It was around 45°F a few mornings this week in San Antonio, TX! Maybe the cold, once present at the poles, has shifted towards the equator, while the poles are now the new temperate regions (LOL)?

Anchorage digs out after record snowfall:

Anchorage continues to dig out from a snowfall that set a record for the day and the month.The National Weather Service says 17.2 inches fell at its office just south of Anchorage's international airport and 22 inches fell in northeast Anchorage on Friday and Saturday.

The heaviest snow fell between 3 and 6 p.m. Friday at a rate of almost two inches per hour.

The monthly total at the weather service office is now 29.7 inches, breaking a record from 1963 when 27.6 inches fell during April.

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