Saturday, April 26, 2008

GASP!: AGW will cause world wars!

Okay, so I’ve decided to create another special post series in honor of the weekly deluge of climate fear mongering articles that spew forth across the wires. The title of this series will be “GASP!” Meaning, it’s Chicken Little time again!

In our first official installment of GASP! (first unofficial installment is here and the archives will show that we’ve previously done a thorough job of discussing many apocalyptic articles), it looks like nonexistent global warming is going to send us on a path to world war.

Weird how a problem that’s not real can do that, but the media can just about urge anything into being if they bombard your brain enough each week. Problem is...nobody really believes them on this issue, especially since it hasn’t warmed in 10 years and last winter was a record breaker (and by that I mean—RECORD BREAKING COLD AND SNOW).

Steven Milloy of recently had some valuable insights along the GASP! line of thinking. Global warming apparently causes literally THOUSANDS of problemsdeaths, extinctions, cannibalism, droughts, floods, hot, cold, bee stings, famines, tornados, hurricanes, melting ice, increased diseases, and so on; the claims are so absurd that I can’t understand why some media members haven’t started attacking this farce (well, some have and are being ignored).

Climate change 'may put world at war' - Telegraph

Climate change could cause global conflicts as large as the two world wars but lasting for centuries unless the problem is controlled, a leading defence think tank has warned.

The Royal United Services Institute said a tenfold increase in research spending, comparable to the amount spent on the Apollo space programme, will be needed if the world is to avoid the worst effects of changing temperatures.

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