Saturday, April 26, 2008

Follow the cash to find the rat

Remember, follow the dollars. Any time you smell a rat, follow the money trail. Global warming, to me, is the equivalent of an early morning informercial scam; the claims presented in this “theory” are about as ridiculous as most informercial claims and prove that adage often incorrectly tied to P.T. Barnum: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Don’t believe me? See below. The insurance companies are upset that they’re going to have to give back money, because “climate change” hasn’t caused the predicted disasters. We’ve seen all about predictions ASS-ociated with manmade global warming. They’re notoriously WRONG.

Lloyd's warns of a lack of natural disasters | Business | The Guardian:

Lloyd's of London warned yesterday that an absence last year of natural disasters or man-made accidents was putting pressure on firms to reduce premiums in 2008.

The world's oldest and biggest insurance market said that though the lack of major disasters had allowed firms to push up profits 5% in 2007, underwriting margins were being squeezed.

The true impact of global warming solutions is revealed. Get ready for more, zombie-sheep, if you turn this “problem” over to the politicians and expect them to solve it. As inevitably happens whenever they muck around under the hood, the car sputters, chokes, and dies—just look at Social Security and Medicare.

World Bank accused of climate change hijack | Environment | Reuters
BANGKOK (Reuters) - Developing countries and environmental groups accused the World Bank on Friday of trying to seize control of the billions of dollars of aid that will be used to tackle climate change in the next four decades.

"The World Bank's foray into climate change has gone down like a lead balloon," Friends of the Earth campaigner Tom Picken said at the end of a major climate change conference in the Thai capital.

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