Sunday, April 13, 2008

Recent, great coverage of scam

Why reinvent the wheel? Newsbusters does a great job of covering much of the global warming nonsense going on in the media, so I turn this post over to them (also because I haven't had a lot of time to vent lately):

BBC Changes 'Temperatures Decrease' Article to Incite Climate Hysteria |

In fact, what was once a realistic portrayal of new data released by the World Meteorological Organization suddenly became another hysterical report espousing doom and gloom at the hands of manmade global warming.
Global Warming Activist Pressures BBC to Significantly Alter Article |
NewsBusters has just learned that a British "climate activist" was responsible for getting the BBC to radically alter its "Global Temperatures 'To Decrease'" article last Friday.
Australian Paper: No Criticism of Earth Hour Allowed |
It continues. Days after NewsBusters reported that the BBC willingly censored its reporting to fit the agenda of a left-wing environmental activist comes news that reporters at an Australian paper have been forced company-wide to promote climate alarmism by their bosses.
Gore Bars Press From Speech In San Francisco |
After all, it's not like anyone is going to ask him a tough question, or write something that might expose him as the charlatan most folks not drinking the Kool -- er, I mean Global Warming-Aid understand him to be.

However, that's exactly what happened Friday afternoon when the Global Warmingest-in-Chief spoke at the RSA Conference with specific instructions for no press members to be allowed through the doors of the Moscone Convention Center.

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