Sunday, April 6, 2008

Animal Death-Watch: Koalas

From now until this hoax is fully exposed, I will highlight media fear pieces that predict the demise or harm of species as a result of "manmade climate change." These pieces will be entitled "Animal Death-Watch." An oft-used media tactic is to pick cute, cuddly looking creatures and show how our modern way of life (i.e., capitalism) is killing them off.

In the past, we've seen stories of polar bears, seals, newts, frogs, and now koalas. And, please review the extensive list of articles that predicted all sorts of extinctions due to global warming. Let's see how many of these critters actually end up harmed, shall we? I predict NONE!

This one is funny, because it depicts the harm first to a plant (eucalyptus trees), the leaves of which form the dietary staple of these lovable little fuzz balls. Aren't plants nourished by CO2, heat, and sunlight? Whatever happened to basic biology and botany? No matter...just stick a few eucalyptus seeds in the Arctic lock box and call it a day.

Climate change threatens Australia's koala: report | Environment | Reuters:

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia's unique tree-dwelling koalas may become a victim of climate change, new research reported on Saturday shows.

Australian scientists say that eucalyptus leaves, the staple diet of koalas and other animals, could become inedible because of climate change.

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