Sunday, April 20, 2008

Marines raise tree on Iwo Jima?

Unlike the video showing that the New Zealand media can calmly examine the debate offered by climate realists, American media have fully invested themselves in the idea that we're killing the planet with CO2, and they're willing to torch iconic images to get their propaganda into your brain!

Time Spokesman Unapologetic for Offending Veterans; Calls Cover ‘Respectful’:

Although the cover of the April 21 Time magazine has gotten widespread complaints from the veterans and has been scrutinized by the media, a spokesman from Time offered no apology. The magazine had changed for their decision to use the iconic image of the Iwo Jima flagraising to promote global warming activism.

"TIME has the utmost respect for our nation's veterans and we well understand the power of the iconic image of the raising of the flag over Iwo Jima," Daniel Kile, associate director of public relations at Time, said in an e-mail to the Business & Media Institute (BMI). "We believe this is a respectful use of this symbol of American valor and courage and serves to highlight another great challenge facing our nation."

The magazine's cover replaced removed the flag in the famous photo and replaced it with a tree.

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